Boris Conference Speech rejoices we are throwing off the yoke of EU tyranny!

In his Conference speech, Boris rejoices that we have thrown off the yoke of European tyranny!  Exactly!  That was the real reason we voted Brexit!borisconferencebham2Boris extolled our British values, while slamming the bias of the BBC, nevertheless a cultural ambassador for this country.  He received a well deserved standing ovation, read the speech in full here.  The EU won’t be able to boss us around much longer!  Make the most of it, you nit picking bureaucrats.

Boris told the Conference the Russians loved the BBC version of War and Peace, a compliment indeed.  Russian Foreign Minister  told he had seen it and thought it very well done!  warandpeace2Brexiteers are ecstatic that Theresa May set a time table for us leaving the EU.  Article 50 will be triggered by the end of March next year and we will be out by 2019.

European Law will be transferred to British Law.  British Law once again reigns supreme.


3 responses to “Boris Conference Speech rejoices we are throwing off the yoke of EU tyranny!

  1. All seems well for us to be Great Britain and no longer part of a dictatorship when it happens the people of GB can walk tall and be a proud nation again.

    • Exactly Rod, that’s why I voted Leave! Am ecstatic! It just wasn’t right for us to be dictated to and have all our decisions made for us by the EU, hated it.

  2. Fabulous speech that showed huge imagination and originally, head and shoulders above all the other speeches.

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