Parliament does not have to be consulted over Brexit argues Gov lawyer

The government is being challenged in High Court over its contention that Parliament has no right to interfere over Brexit. borisdavisfox2The Guardian reported:  “The government has been forced by a senior judge to reveal secret legal arguments for refusing to let parliament decide when and how the UK should withdraw from the EU.

Those challenging Theresa May’s power to trigger Brexit claimed a victory when a high court judge, Mr Justice Cranston, swept aside restrictions on publishing official documents before the hearing on 13 October.

Lawyers for the government, led by Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC,  argue that it is “constitutionally impermissible” for parliament to be given the authority rather than the prime minister.

Wright said: “The country voted to leave the European Union, in a referendum approved by act of parliament. There must be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to rejoin it through the back door and no second referendum. We do not believe this case has legal merit. The result of the referendum should be respected and the government intends to do just that.”

He will appear at the hearings in the high court on 13 and 17 October.  Many Brexiteers, notably Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox, have called for Article 50 to be signed immediately.  The Foreign Secretary has also argued that payments to the EU should be witheld.

3 responses to “Parliament does not have to be consulted over Brexit argues Gov lawyer

  1. I don’t think the court case is pretence.Remain clearly desperate to stop Brexit, but they don’t seem very confident of victory.

  2. How much of what is going on is truth and how much is deceit and lies would be nice to know.

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