Feelings reach boiling point at UN, as Boris accuses Russia of war crimes

Feelings reach boiling point in the UN, as Boris Johnson accused Russia of possible war crimes regarding Aleppo.borisUN5.jpg

The Daily Telegraph reported today: Britain has accused Russia of committing “war crimes” in Syria as world powers rounded on Moscow in one of the most bitter meetings of the UN Security Council in recent memory.

Earlier, Boris Johnson accused Russia of possible war crimes.  He said said Russia may have committed war crimes by bombing a UN aid convoy last week and accused President Putin of not only “handing the revolver” to the Assad regime, but also helping to pull the trigger.

As Russian jets took part in what rebels called the “scorched earth bombing” of Aleppo, Western powers charged Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, with deliberately undermining peace talks and flouting its historic responsibilities to the United Nations.

The almost complete rupture of relations between Russia and the Western powers played out in angry scenes at the UN’s New York headquarters, where Britain, France and the US openly condemned Russia as “an international pariah”.borissyria3A joint statement on Syria was issued by the Foreign Ministers of France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the High Representative of the European Union.

Update: 29/9/16   Today an article in the Daily Mail described how a  horrific range of weapons is turning Aleppo into a slaughterhouse.  Please click on link.

5 responses to “Feelings reach boiling point at UN, as Boris accuses Russia of war crimes

  1. Where do America, Britain and France get the moral authority to start pointing the finger like this?

    13 French Nationals were caught in Syria at the start of this mess. American, French and British involvement in the Middle East has left a slew of countries which are little more than basket cases

    1. Iraq
    2. Libya
    3. Syria

    Syria is still relatively coherent and functioning only because of the supporting actions of Russia – who entered the conflict at the request of a sitting President.

    Is this criticism of Russia fair in a geopolitical context?

    Do we see Saudi Arabia being vilified because of its similar actions in Yemen – albeit supporting a President who fled his own country?

    No, we don’t.

    This alone tells us that America, Britain and France is playing a false hand against Russia.

    I am not getting into the back and forth allegations of who bombed what hospital and whether this constitutes a war crime.

    I am pointing out that there are significant similarities between Russias actions in Syria and Saudi Arabia’s actions in Yemen

    The main difference is who is supplying the weapons.

    Russian is supporting Syria

    Britain, France and America are supporting Saudi Arabia.

    These facts are widely known and are not rebutted in any forum

    The below facts are also widely known.

    The hand of America in arming and supplying the various rebel/terrorist factions in Syria is widely reported. They have no credibility.

    Britain is alternatively pleasuring itself over its sales of arms to Middle East actors and bewailing its possible future arraignment for aiding and abetting war crimes. They have no credibility.

    France’s president, the Fascist Wolf in Socialist Sheep’s clothing has presided over a selection of anti-Muslim and pro-Zionist false flag attacks against its own people which have helped maintain an otherwise unjustifiable State of Emergency. Hollande has so little credibility left (sic) that he is not standing for relection.

    Yet these three countries are taking the moral high ground against Russia?

    And wrapped up in all the middle of this are Afghanistan, where American and British Troops still guard the Opium poppy fields

    And let’s not forget Israel, which openly supports ISIS and various shades of Al Quada militants in Israel with impunity.

    Really – American, British and French ladies and gentlemen – you cannot adopt the moral high ground when you are widely held to be the Agents Provocateurs behind much of the mischief-making in the Middle East.

    Credibility is important to a country’s well-being. So take care.

    • Saudis are continually vilified over Yemen.
      The main difference is not who is supplying the weapons. Russians are far more ruthless and far more cruel. They bombed an aid comvoy. They are refusing to let aid through, by vetoing numerous cease fires to supply aid. Any brief cease fire they have allowed they break.
      America, Britain and France would allow a lengthy cease fire like a shot’ They would stop fighting right now and mediate. Russian wouldn’t. The total amount of British aid is £23 Billion.
      It’s not a question of moral high ground, who gives a damn right now, what a shallow way of looking at it.
      Russia is refusing Aleppo aid, and refusing a cease fire. Whatever mistakes the British, French and Americans have made, they would do none of those things.

  2. We must not overlook the information now becoming available of the USA involvement in promoting terrorism in Syria. Without the USA being prepared to arm and train terrorists this civil war would be coming to an end.

    Putin for all his faults has always supported the legitimate Syrian government and has helped contain the very evil ISIL.

    Rereading this article I note that the failed states within the EU have a lot to say yet they are not prepared to work towards providing security to their own people. Putin definitely works hard on providing security to Russians.

    We must not overlook the chaos France, Great Britain and the USA brought to Libya. No one has a clean slate on morality.

    Whenever the MSM get involved and has a point of view, it appears that the honest point of view is often dymmetrically opposite to those being promoted. (Often overlooked looked by self-righteous politicians is the corrosive effect of George Soros’s money.)

  3. Russia seem to have broken the ceasefire though Half the casualties pulled from the rubble are children.

  4. The pot calling the kettle black.

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