In Sunday Times, Dominic Lawson reproaches “Sergeant Major” May

A strange situation now exists whereby Mrs. May, who refused to fight for her beliefs in the EU Referendum. appointed three Brexit Ministers, to execute the will of the people, but refuses to allow them to speak frankly  on Brexit.borismaynegsPhillip Hammond, a Remainer, is allowed to say what he likes, but David Davis and Boris Johnson, who risked his entire career to fight for the rights of ordinary people, are continually “slapped down!” Dominic Lawson commented tartly “Perhaps Mrs May was trying to let them know that, Wellington-style, she expected her cabinet to be as obedient as the ranks should be to their commanding officer.”

Mrs. May believes she can issue bossy dictats like the timing of Brexit is hers alone.  Apparently not.  Today, in the Sunday Times, Dominic Lawson pointed out that issuing orders is the Presidential system.

“Such decisions are not “the prime minister’s alone”.  said Mr. Lawson.  “They are the decisions of the cabinet, collectively. That is how governments work in this country. The prime minister is, as the very title suggests, no more than primus inter pares; she is not an elected president. ”

Lawson continues acidly:  “I can see why the prime minister — especially as a person who doesn’t like to make any sort of commitment until she has examined it from every imaginable angle — may have been irked by these two men sounding off with what she would regard as reprehensible spontaneity.”

Mr. Lawson pointed out that Mrs. May has not won an election, nor did she back the right side in the Referendum.

My understanding of the situation was that Mrs. May appointed the three Brexit ministers to execute the will of the people.  The meaning of Brexit as explained by Boris Johnson and Gisela Stuart could not be clearer.  We want a return of control from Brussels.  Control of our monies, trade, laws and borders.  It is that simple and Boris emphasised the importance of regaining control again on Marr this morning.

It is not the role of Mrs. May to interpret Brexit as Phillip Hammond would like it or as she now prefers to see it.

This morning on the Marr show, a sunny, unruffled Boris Johnson, speaking from Boston, repeated that what everyone wants is clarity, and we can’t let the  process drag on.   So that’s alright then!

Update:  Dominic Lawson hangs Craig Oliver out to dry for his indecent haste in publishing his account of Brexit “from the losers point of view!”

2 responses to “In Sunday Times, Dominic Lawson reproaches “Sergeant Major” May

  1. Trust in our government they won’t deceive us anymore ha ha ha ?

    • I wouldn’t call it deception. Mrs. May probably genuinely believes she has a right to silence the Ministers, and it IS up to make decisions not them. But that is not the style of government here.

      She appointed the 3 Ministers to execute the will of the people over Brexit, so it is wrong continually to “slap them down” for doing their jobs.

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