Guido Fawkes: Boris Johnson put his heart into campaigning for Brexit!

The truth about Boris Johnson and his attitude to Brexit.  Blogger Guido Fawkes had this to say about Alan Duncan’s cruel denunciation of Boris and his attitude to winning the campaign. borisbrexit10Guido explained:  “In comments recorded before the referendum and broadcast last night onBrexit: A Very British Coup Duncan said:

“I’ve always thought that Boris’s wish was to lose by one so that he could be the heir apparent without having to have all the… you know, s-h-1-t of clearing up all the mess, that’s always been my view of Boris.”

A lot of the commentariat and political class suspected that this was his calculation. To be fair many on the Leave side suspected this of him as well. That was until the campaign got into full swing. Boris led from the front, he put his heart into it, he energised the campaign. If it wasn’t for him the campaign would have been totally dominated by Nigel Farage, who even he would admit, does not appeal to everyone. Boris was the ace card that won the TV debates.

Guido’s gut feel is Boris’ heart was entirely for Brexit, his head was less sure, in the end he went with his heart. That is enough for most Tories, three quarters of whom backed Brexit. For that reason, when the ball comes loose from the scrum, Osborne won’t have a chance of getting sight of it…  said Guido.

This is the truth.  No-one could have watched the intensity of effort that Boris put into campaigning  for Brexit and not realised his heart was involved.  I believe Boris was not only the ace card that won all the TV debates by a mile, his passion and sincerity won the entire Referendum.

Boris’s blessing and also his curse is that he sees the pros and cons of political issues far more deeply and clearly than us mere mortals.  He knew how hard it would be to leave the EU, he said that, and he was worried about slip ups and possible damage to the economy.  But in the end, his feeling for democracy and respect for the rights of others overrode everything.

He put his soul into it and won the Referendum.

Nigel Farage was generous enough to say this.  “We would never have won it without him. “

4 responses to “Guido Fawkes: Boris Johnson put his heart into campaigning for Brexit!

  1. Always have been impressed with Johnson as he has led from the front. He whole make up is about improving people’s lives.

    We lived in safety while he was mayor.

  2. I think your assessment of his leadership in the campaign is fair but he has dropped the topic like a bad smell of late and seems unwilling to press a reluctant May to push the button and get on with negotiations and the process of leaving the EU

    • No he hasn’t. Just because things are discussed in the full glare of publicity doesn’t mean they aren’t discussed. And Boris has said repeatedly in public we need to crack on, there are deals to be done and we should do them soon. Over and over. U are misrepresenting the situation.

      As you know, a court case is going on because Remainers are suing Leave for a Parliamentary vote. That is Oct. 13-17 and nothing can be done until that is sorted out.

    • Always a big mistake to make assumptions when the truth is you don’t have a clue. And you don’t, be honest.

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