Remainers are in denial and have no idea what matters to voters

After all Remain have been through, they still don’t get it.  Their attitude on social media is, if possible, even more patronising to Leavers.  But 35% of the 93.3 million who voted Labour in the General Election voted Leave and these voters are flocking to the Tories.mayosbohammondYouGov reported recently that only 48 per cent of the 3.3 million would still vote Labour in a general election held now.  Some nine per cent – around 297,000 people – have switched to the Tories.

You only have to go onto twitter to discover that many Remainers are in denial.  Their attitude is still they know best, so they need to tell anyone who voted Brexit what fools they are.  They are desperately looking for someone to blame.   Labour are so out of touch with what used to be their grassroots, it is really sad.

Nearly half, 49 per cent, of Labour voters who backed Leave want tougher immigration rules – at odds with Mr Corbyn, who consistently cites exploitation of foreign workers rather than migration as the problem.

Only a third of Labour voters back the proposal by Mr Corbyn’s opponent Owen Smith for a second EU referendum. The Lib Dems are pro EU to a man.

A  section of the Tory party is equally clueless.  George Osborne is leading the establishment fightback against Brexit.  He said he is leading the “liberal mainstream majority”,  certainly a switch from his attitude as Chancellor.

Chancellor Phillip Hammond is also a Remainer, and from the way Mrs. May allows him to speak out uncorrected, while she slaps down Brexiteers, the suspicion is growing that May too is leaning to the softest of soft Brexits.

It is left to Boris Johnson once again to fight for the rights of working people.  During the EU Ref., they flocked to vote Boris in their droves.  In 2014, Boris wrote prophetically that Brussels should listen to the Peasants’ Revolt, and our rulers ignored the will of the people at their peril.  We won Brexit.  But Boris’s warning has never been more true than now.

2 responses to “Remainers are in denial and have no idea what matters to voters

  1. It is very worrying how May treats the Brexiteers. Their job is to protect the rights of the people regarding Brexit.

    Whatever May does, Boris will not flinch from doing that, nor will David Davis.

  2. I have come to the conclusion that the MSN put May into power as she is a remainer. Osborne has always been a snake spewing venom wherever he goes.

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