Boris blasts the UN with full force over Syria

Boris Johnson bashed the UN with huge force this afternoon over world inaction and inertia over Syria. “400,000 dead and the UN has blood on its hands,” said our Foreign Secretary.childtraumatised3Boris has never believed in suffering in silence. He will now vigorously push this issue as hard as he can, with no letup, because something has got to give.

“If we let this continue, we will have failed!” he told the UN this afternoon.borisun5He said: “It is a conflict that is being fed, nourished and armed and protracted and made more hideous by the actions and the inactions of governments in this room.”

Boris concluded:  “If in a year’s time, we are here and there is still bombings, killings, slaughters and massacres going on in Syria then I am afraid that the responsibility for that will lie overwhelmingly with the UN and above all with the Assad Regime and its sponsors”.

World leaders need to hear this.  They are so inured to tragedy,  the situation needs hammering home with a mallet.  Sadly, we at home have also become so used to being lied to and so used to seeing pictures of horrible suffering, it has ceased to register. A video of the Foreign Secretary speaking at the UN is here.

This has got to end. And it must end now

2 responses to “Boris blasts the UN with full force over Syria

  1. Thank God and about time! How long is the UN going to dither while kids die? Always someone else’s fault, but nothing ever changes.

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