Boris is a world class salesman says Standard journalist Pippa Crerar

Pippa Crerar, popular journalist of the London Standard, followed Boris Johnson for eight years on his travels drumming up trade and investment when he was Mayor of London.  Boris is trusted and respected by the City.  He has been outstandingly successful in raising billions in foreign investment for London, and multi millions in trade deals.  He has also raised over £500 million in funding from the City, and is known as a brilliant negotiator.Boris took over from Ken Livingstone when London was in recession.   He boosted the London economy so effectively, while reviving the jobs market, that when he left, London was the number one city in the world.

Pippa told Boris biographer Andrew Gimson “for every rugby tackled Japanese schoolboy,” (a reference to the famous occasion in 2015, when Boris flattened a ten year old in a game in Tokyo – there were thousands of pictures promoting what would otherwise have been a dry trade mission.”

Pippa continued:  “Boris is a world class salesman.  He has become a globally recognised figurehead and  if anyone can persuade our international partners that a Brexit vote was one of a self confident nation keen to secure existing partnerships and strike new alliances, he can.”

Being a world class salesman requires not only outstanding sales techniques and negotiating ability, but also the ability to win the customer’s trust and knowledge of your product.  A top level salesman possesses huge flair, the ability to inspire and outstanding imagination.  Boris has these qualities in abundance.

5 responses to “Boris is a world class salesman says Standard journalist Pippa Crerar

  1. Boris I am sure will have the backing of the 17 million it’s a shame that just 4-500 are trying to rock the boat

  2. I know, loud mouths too.

  3. if Boris were handling the trade deals instead of Liam Fox, I think we would be out by now.

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