Boris gives a speech in the sublime setting of Pontignano

Yesterday,  after the bilateral meeting with his Italian counterpart, Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, in Florence, Boris Johnson travelled to Pontignano, in Siena.pontignano4He had been invited to open the 2016 edition of the Pontignano Conference, and gave a speech “Who Owns the Future?”, a huge pleasure, not least because of the sublime setting.

There has always been a close bond between Britain and Italy.  Both countries  believe it is vital to forge a new bond after Brexit.  pontignano

To this end, there will be behind closed doors discussions on collaboration between our countries on immigration, integration, new technology, countering terrorism and inequality over the next two days.  pontignano3

The Conference will continue for two more days at the Certosa di Pontignano on Friday, starting with a discussion on topics which are important to Italy and Britain with speeches by British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and the Italian Minister for Economic Development, Carlo Calenda.

3 responses to “Boris gives a speech in the sublime setting of Pontignano

  1. Closed doors meetings says it all ??

  2. Wow! incredible pictures, what a stunning place.

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