Why our biased British media is censoring news through blackouts.

For years, the media has ignored the huge demonstrations in Germany against Merkel’s immigration policy.nuitdebout3
Now Paris faces its largest protests in recent history, and there is a complete media blackout on these demonstrations in Ireland and the UK. The protests, organised by Nuit Debout, are because the Government has introduced a bill to drastically loosen French Labour laws.  Unions and most of the general public are outraged.
If adopted, the law would allow individual contracts between employers and employees that need not respect the current national labor regulations negotiated by the unions, thus making it easier for contracts to be terminated, work hours to be increased, overtime pay reduced, severance packages.  The Nuit Debout is fighting this, click on link in title for details of this organisation.

Oxfam commented yesterday that soaring levels of inequality fueled Brexit.
Boris Johnson has  explained exactly why fat cats love the EU.  It helps them to depress wages, so they can widen the gap between rich and poor, and immigration depresses wages, as we know. Brexit is a huge threat to that.
What we are seeing is a concerted effort by the Establishment to exploit the poorest, which is also taking place in other countries.  The bias and the blackouts of our media are all part of that.

3 responses to “Why our biased British media is censoring news through blackouts.

  1. Veronica Dollamore

    Unemployment figures down but more WORKING people living in poverty than ever.Immigrants can’t earn living in own country.Well thanks because that’s exactly what you introduced here

    • I’m not quite sure what you mean Veronica! Who are you thanking? I believe we need to restrict immigration, because it depresses wages, many of whom as you say, are living in poverty, and if we REMAIN, that would only get worse. I’m on favour of the protests in Paris, their labour laws are being thrown over, I don’t blame them for being angry, they are obviously against free movement. As for the terror threats, don’t get me started.

  2. The media run by fat cats and the bbc is the voice of government there rest my case.

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