NHS strapped for cash? Poppycock says Margaret Hodge

The claim that we need to pay more money into the NHS was rubbished yesterday by ex Labour Minister Margaret Hodge.  Mrs. Hodge said the claim was poppycock and the real problem was that the NHS is so wasteful, it is pouring millions down the drain.jeremyhunt2However, the Daily Mail has reported:   “A bitter row broke out last night after hospital bosses claimed the NHS will no longer be able to provide the services patients expect without more cash.

The head of the NHS Providers organisation, which represents hospital trusts, warned that the NHS was under the greatest pressure in a generation – and will reach breaking point without more money.

But Jeremy Hunt and ministers hit back – saying they have already agreed to provide the billions of extra pounds demanded by NHS England and accusing health managers of exaggerating the problem.

Some £4billion in additional funding has been given to the NHS this year, and by 2020, it will be getting an extra £10billion a year.

3 responses to “NHS strapped for cash? Poppycock says Margaret Hodge

  1. We must make sure we pay the EU its 350 million week before we worry about our nhs I’m sure all the immigrants will help foot the bill!!!

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