Dan Hannan reports that that is no increase in hate crime prosecutions

Remain has made a huge thing of the increase in hate crime that they put down to the evil nationalists supporting Brexit.

Interestingly, Dan Hannan reports there is no increase whatsoever in the number of hate crimes that go forward for prosecution.  Mr. Hannan said that irresponsible reporting is giving a totally false impresssion about hate crime, because many of the incidents reported as such are not hate crimes at all.

Mr. Hannan also said that although lots of people were reporting hate crimes, when checked these crimes were false, and there were no prosecutions.

This was confirmed by an article in the Spectator.   Mr. Hannan also said Liam Fox made an excellent speech on trade and he is sure Mr. Fox regretted referring to British businessmen as fat and lazy.

Evidence that Remain is lying about Leave increasing hate crime is growing .  Reports on hate crime are up 57%.  But there is no increase in actual hate crime,  according to the link.  please read report on the link and watch what Mr. Hannan says on the video.

The Law Editor of Spiked has produced excellent research to prove that Remain, by accusing the working classes of racism are only confirming their own prejudices. Many so called hate crimes won’t stand up to investigation.

7 responses to “Dan Hannan reports that that is no increase in hate crime prosecutions

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  3. The number of race hate crimes has not gone up. You can tell this because the number of prosecutions has not gone up.

    What HAS gone up is the number of people reporting hate crimes. However when they are investigated, they turn out not to be hate crimes at all. Why would Leavers suddenly start doing hate crimes when we won?

    There is no benefit for Leave to do hate crimes, but there is huge benefit for Remain. It is obvious to me Remainers are ringing the police to report hate crimes to smear Brexit.

    • This like other smears will go on and on like Ken Clarke until May gives the date for out which I’ve said wont happen I am right so far and later on the British people will be deceived into staying in the eu dictatorship

      • I really hope you are not right about this. May has pledged we will leave. David Davis is negotiating the deal. I cannot see the British people accepting that the Ref decision will be overthrown, because Cameron gave his word that the voice of the people would be heard.

      • Cameron has gone watch this space ???

  4. Racism unfortunately appears to me to be caused by government and people will respond to it!

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