Boris Johnson’s video for Change Britain

Boris Johnson has joined a “hard Brexit” campaign called Change Britain, led by Gisela Stuart.

PM May is showing signs that she is falling under the influence of Remainer Phillip Hammond. We feared all along this would happen.

Mrs. May’s comment “There will be some control of immigration…” put fear into many Leavers. Mrs. May’s habit of “slapping down” Brexiteers simply for doing their job also created alarm.

“Staying in the single market” is code for soft Brexit. Gisela Stuart, head of the Hard Brexit Change Britain campaign, said “Brexit is far more important than Mrs. May becoming PM.


One response to “Boris Johnson’s video for Change Britain

  1. No change how long will it be discussed before we can control our own borders 1-5 years,if may and Hammond go maybe Great Britain can flourish we forget their mates in govt don’t want it must not spill the gravy!

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