Why so serious? The real Boris Johnson stands up

As Mayor of London, Boris was always happy and smiling, full of fun, jokes and bonhomie.  Now that he is Foreign Secretary, as befits his role, he has a whole new moody thing going on.  borismoodyFrom sunny charm, he can switch in a flash to a scowl that Brando would envy. His responsibilities include dealing with terrorism, strategies to foil Daesh,  Syria, dealing with members of the EU at summits, Brexit, responsibility for MI5 and MI6 and many other equally vital matters.   borisfo4Contrary to popular opinion, Boris has always been a far more serious, contemplative character than people realise.  He is not just a deep thinker.  He is extremely decisive.  Where others pontificate, he will invariably find a solution.

Now this serious side is coming to the fore and we are finally seeing the real Boris.  The job is giving Boris the opportunity to utilise his full range of talents.   Even David Cameron was kind enough to stay that as a politician, the sky is the limit, because Boris has so much to offer.

3 responses to “Why so serious? The real Boris Johnson stands up

  1. Angel star what a lovely write up you have. given boris let us hope he is as good helping the new PM getting out of the dictatorship we were taken into.

  2. He does look very serious all the time, hahaha

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