Juncker is being sued! He has tried to deceive Britain once too often

Jean Claude Juncker is finally being sued.  It is bad enough he brags about robbing us of our sovereignty without British voters being aware it was happening.junckerdecisionsHe said in 2007:  “Of course there will be transfers of sovereignty. But would I be intelligent to draw the attention of public opinion to this fact?”  Wikileaks.

Now Juncker has majorly come unstuck after issuing a potentially unlawful decree to EU commissioners ordering them not to negotiate with Britain. Juncker told them he was using a “Presidential order” to block talks, but embarrassingly the Commission was later forced to admit no such thing exists. This is the phrase that is giving Juncker a legal problem:

“I have forbidden Commissioners from holding discussions with representatives from the British Government — by Presidential order… I have told all the Directors-General that there cannot be any prior discussions with British representatives.”

How many other times has Juncker thrown his weight around,  fabricating convenient  decrees to boss members around? He is being sued by Crowd Justice who are crowd funding the case.

One response to “Juncker is being sued! He has tried to deceive Britain once too often

  1. About time somebody nailed this appalling liar, He thinks he can walk all over us, making it up as he goes along, hope he does get sued!

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