Boris Johnson has a practical plan to end the terrible suffering in Syria

Boris Johnson wrote in the Times today that there is a solution to end the appalling suffering in Syria.  Boris urges the Kremlin to end its support for Assad.assadThe Times reported:  “In an article for The Times today Mr Johnson says that Russia’s military efforts in Syria are keeping Assad in power and are “seemingly indefensible”. Mr Johnson says that Assad is the “one man who bears overwhelming responsibility” for the Syrian war and heaps censure on his “killing machine, his barrel-bombs, and . . . his fight for personal political survival”.

Acknowledging that the “Russians have accepted there must be political transition” in Syria, Mr Johnson points out the contradiction that the “Russians are also employing their military muscle to prevent him [Assad] from losing, to keep him in power”.”

Boris understands we must not make the same mistake as was made in Iraq, there must be a creditable alternative to replace Assad.  To that end, there is a meeting in London today of people whose ” ambition is to ensure a safe space, free from terror, to which migrants can return.”

At last a well thought out solution to a terrible problem.  We must all hope this can moved forward.

Please read Boris’s article in full, here.

8 responses to “Boris Johnson has a practical plan to end the terrible suffering in Syria

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  4. What a hypocrite? So the EU countries, USA, Saudi Arebia, Jordon, Turkey, Isrel don’t want Asad. Then they are given authority to create ISIS and so called moderate rebels (AlNusra, AlZinki and others) and can ravage Syria. But Syria does not have right to take back their land.
    Rebels have right to shoot people leaving the rebel held Areas by firing upon them and keep snipers on perimeters roof tops to do the same.
    Let us consider that Asad and Putin are the genocidal ones. I will suggest the best solution. Let us see.
    Assume that rebels are very very brave and heavenly vertuous. So all the international community should ask them to let people go. At least ten thousand international coalition shoulders should enter the town and remove all civilians to a buffer zone.
    And then rebels should be asked to fight the Asad forces. No Iranians. No Russian airforce. No external intervention.
    But people like you won’t do it.
    Neither rebels will be ready for that.They will loose their human shield
    What can you expect from Cowards?
    You will loose your leftist face

    • If you are talking to me, I don’t have a “leftist face” nor does Boris. Assad uses cluster bombs on his own people, as well as nerve gas and chemical weapons. The best strategy would be to get rid of Assad.

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  6. I don’t agree. Refugees will hugely benefit from a safe haven that they can call home, in their own country! Problem of refugees must be tackled, this is a good way to start.

    We are directly involved, because all the immigrants and refugees want to come to Europe. There has to be a solution to that problem that does not involve taking in thousands of immigrants and refugees in Europe.

    We are not attacking Syria for our own benefit, like Bush/Blair did over Iraq, this is totally different.

  7. Iraq,Afghanistan,Libya,let Syria sort themselves out look at the first three see what happens when the west interferes more problems and terrorism that would not have occurred if we had not poked our nose into something we should not have done correct me if wrong when did the first three countries attack Great Britain not until after we attacked them ??

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