If Remain crash markets to discredit Brexit, they could stage hate crimes

The Polish Foreign Minister,  Witold Waszczykowski,  met his opposite number, Boris Johnson with Amber Rudd, the new Home Secretary at the Polish embassy last week,  to discuss more protection for Polish people because of a recent spate of hate crimes on Polish people.borispoland6The Polish Foreign Minister said they did not intend to accuse, all they wanted to establish was the facts.   This is a good attitude, because there has been an irresponsible tendency from the Remain press to try their hardest to dump the blame on Leavers and Brexit.

Immediately after the EU referendum, there was a concerted effort by Remain to crash the markets.   David Buik, an analyst at stockbroker Panmure Gordon, said: ‘We are seeing the results of the apocalyptic hysteria whipped up by the Establishment.  ‘They are responsible for a large portion of the fall in the value of the pound and share prices.’

The establishment was so incensed at the Leave victory, it was clear they would stop at nothing to reverse the Referendum decision. If Remain will stoop to crashing the markets, which they undoubtedly have, it is perfectly possible they would stage hate crimes to discredit Leave.

Police are investigating the Harlow murder of Arkadiusz Jozwik, 40, who was killed following an attack outside a takeaway in The Stow on Saturday, August 27 at around 11.35pm.  He died in hospital two days later from head injuries. Two other men, believed to be his friends of the victim, were also assaulted.

But the police say that hate crime is just one of several lines of enquiry that they are pursuing. The attack could be random violence, or robbery.

Many Remain newspapers were quick to whip up the view that xenophobia is part of the Brexit movement, and therefore the hate crimes are caused by Leave. But this doesn’t make sense to me.  Leave won the Referendum.  It makes more sense that the crimes are being staged as part of a movement to destabilise the Brexit win, because it is obvious that furiously angry Remain still cherishes hopes of scuppering the peoples’ victory.

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