Two thirds of voters believe Britain on right course re. Brexit

The latest poll by Lord Ashcroft shows that two thirds of voters believe Britain is on the right course with Brexit. The Telegraph reports:  “Research found that 59 per cent of people said the UK is moving in the right direction, including almost 30 per cent of those who voted to remain in the EU in the recent referendum. “borismerkelWhile 81 per cent said that continuing to pay into the EU budget would not represent a true Brexit and 79 per cent said the same when it came to allowing new foreign nationals the right to live and work in the UK freely.

However 77 per cent said that EU nationals already living in the UK should be allowed to stay. Mrs May yesterday said she is hopeful that the Government will be able to provide this assurance to EU nationals, as long as Britons living abroad get the same protection.

This poll shows how out of step tv programmes like BBCr4Today, BBC News, SKY News, and Good Morning Britain are with the feelings of ordinary people.  These media channels put their own financial benefit from the EU before the return of our sovereignty and voting rights of ordinary people.

Not only in Britain.  Angela Merkel has just been beaten into third place, in her own region, a stinging defeat.

A new ComRes poll for BBC Channel 5 shows that the majority of British people are satisfied with Brexit.  62% now back Brexit.

5 responses to “Two thirds of voters believe Britain on right course re. Brexit

  1. No different from governments who do they put first??

  2. Garland John James Blyth

    Heath should have been jailed for the dirty work he did to our country and all honours removed from him

    • I agree, too late now. John Major, Blair, Gordon also misled us. Gordon rushed through Lisbon Treaty without a ref. so Cameron didnt have to keep his pledge.

  3. No one ever lost money by overestimating the ignorance of the public.

  4. Does it matter if 100per cent agree to it you still are governed by the untouchables?

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