How we were taken into the EU illegally by Edward Heath

We were taken into the EU illegally, so is our membership even legal now?  An article by writer Vernon Cole explains  PM Edward Heath should have held a Referendum before he signed the treaty that gave away our sovereignty to the EU. Parliament has legal sovereignty, but the people have political sovereignty. edwardheathIn 1972, Heath was afraid to hold a Referendum, because there was huge antipathy to the Common Market at that time. (2 to 1).  So without holding the requisite Referendum,  he signed the European Communities Bill, making us part of the Common Market that later became the EU.

Vernon Cole says:  “In 1972, when Heath decided to take Britain into the Common Market, he used Parliament’s legal sovereignty to deny and permanently limit the political sovereignty of the electorate. Heath and Parliament changed the basic rules and they did not have the right (legal or moral) to do that. The 1972 European Communities Bill wasn’t just another Act of Parliament. Heath’s Bill used Parliament’s legal sovereignty, and status as representative of the electorate, to deny the fundamental rights of the electorate.

In an attempt to make our membership legal, Harold Wilson held a  “retrospective Referendum”, but according to many British constitutional experts, this referendum was also illegal.

Mr. Cole says:  “Attempts through the courts to annul our membership of the European Union on the basis that Parliament acted improperly have failed because Parliament, through its legal sovereignty, is the source of the law in Britain and the courts are, therefore, unable to challenge any Parliamentary Act.”

Additionally, Cameron and Osborne were so desperate to stay in the EU this year,  they tried to rig this latest Referendum and broke many of the rules governing the legal procedure.  This could have made them vulnerable to a legal challenge that this Referendum also is illegal.

In these circumstances, it is clear that any legal challenge or claim by Remain that we should stay in the EU, in spite of the democratic will of the people, is morally wrong, never mind legally and would be  doomed to failure. Politicians could vote on the Referendum Bill which passed 6 to 1.  So they cannot expect legally expect another vote on our vote in the EU Referendum.

Update:  Details of how Ted Heath blatantly lied to the people of this country are here. Many other politicians colluded in these lies.

The Queen is the protector of our sovereignty and of all our rights and freedoms.

Update:  23/11/17   More detail on how Edward Heath deceived us about how we would lose our rights in the EU. An FCO document, no. 30/1048 kept the truth from the people of Britain for thirty years.

35 responses to “How we were taken into the EU illegally by Edward Heath

  1. It’s normal for government to deceive the British people all the same ps where are all the good MPs you said about

  2. Remember Heath lied that joining involved no loss of sovereignity he and his successors gave away powers that were not theirs to surrender.

    • I know. Heath deceived the British people with blatant lies and successive governments have been shafting us ever since. It is time for that to stop now.

    • Nothing changes the country has been deceived by government all along and probably will continue !!

      • I don’t think, because we have been so misled, that we are even legally in at all! But they don’t like to say!

  3. More fantasyland.

    ” An article by writer Vernon Cole explains PM Edward Heath should have held a Referendum before he signed the treaty that gave away our sovereignty to the EU. Parliament has legal sovereignty, but the people have political sovereignty”

    Actually, what it makes is a pseudo-law “armchair expert” argument that because people were consulted before (they weren’t really, but I’ll humour him on that one), and because Heath didn’t have a referendum, it wasn’t legal.

    Even if it was true, and the people did need to be consulted before the constitution could be changed, then it was still legal. The Conservative’s made it clear in their 1970 manifesto that they intended to negotiate our entry into the EEC, and then put it to parliament for its approval.

    So the whole process was mandated through the democratic process when people voted for them in the 1970 election.

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  5. Mrs Josephine E Burt

    Will the EU have to pay back every penny they squeezed out of the UK. Like PPI ?.Because legally it seems we are NOT in the EU.

  6. It has always amazed me how Heath did it..I mean treason. Treason on such a massive scale that many cannot comprehend how nearly everyone in the political establishment colluded, compassed and imagined the end of their own country. This was never an ordinary treaty, this was a plot to destroy nation states across the whole of Europe and the political class are still plotting to keep us in. Nothing has changed since June 23rd. We are still in whether legally or illegally.

    Where were the constitutional experts in 1972 to alert us that joining up to the Common Market would go against the articles of supremacy written into our law, such as Bill of Rights 1688? But then the Attorney General is a political appointment. He was hardly going to arrest his Tory chum Ted Heath.
    Where were the police to arrest the entire Heath Cabinet? In those days just to give away a small slice of sovereignty meant you would be hung by the neck until dead.

    • After Heath, Wilson, Brown, Blair, Callaghan, Major, and Cameron all lied to us one way and another over the EU. The Battle of Brexit was the most important battle, I think, ever fought in Britain, even though it wasn’t with weapons.

      I campaigned on social media for the Ref. . Never ever have I felt such passionate feeling from ordinary people. Suddenly they wer galvanised to fight for their rights, a feeling that still exists today. I was proud to vote with Labour grasroots and I have been a lifelong Tory. It changed my view of politics forever, the scales fell from peoples’ eyes. We saw how we had been deceived, but the penny dropped we don’t have to let that happen.

  7. Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage were epic. Legends.

  8. I feel after finding this out through my own researches online, it was a complete shock and betrayal of all laws. And making the Queen commit Treason and Sedition (High Treason), That is the most unthinkable and heinous crime anyone can commit. For the last 10 Years (since I joined UKIP) I wish I never did, as all politicians including the EU should pay back every penny that has been sent to foreign countries (embezzled), and that the EEC/EU Parliament be made to face the consequences of their own actions.

    • Was proud to battle side by side with Ukippers and Labour voters, during Ref. Agree with every word you say. Appalling con, the people of this country deceived, was so happy to hear Boris’ speech, because there is are great advantanges to be gained now we are leaving, the most important one being FREEDOM. EU next move is to take members’ economies and taxes over! How would that pan out?

      Look at the state of Europe Stuart! Rapes. Crime sky high. terror attacks. The EU has the cheek of the devil, look at the mess caused by the European projexct! Ghettos are forming in Europe now! THAND GOD WE WON!

  9. Thank you. Though what Ngel Farage has done, following the lead of Mark Reckless, UKIP has become no better than those who have done us wrong, I also agree with you, that I have seen through my Facebook friends, It is also why I joined 38 Degrees. With what is now known, I believe the High Courts should intervene and Block everything to do with the EU Parliament.

    Because we should not be in it in the First Place, this is why the FARCE we call Brexit, should be abolished because we truly are not part of the EU technically speaking. And the Queen to have full authority as it should have been when we were illegally taken into the EU in 1972. Still, it is going to be a monumental effort to repair the damage caused, It should be people who are not corrupted by politics that should take up the reigns, and create a new form of Government which only designated people are allowed to run the economy. with Police Guarding the treasury to ensure no more embezzling.

    It will also mean having to create laws that defend people’s rights, also to protect the Planet from Exploitation or Destruction of Habitats and start Planting new trees, shrubs and so forth. And people charged a large fee for cutting down trees (Like a fine of £10,000), as we know trees produce oxygen for us. And that only designated areas to be used for logging. And Fish Farms be created, so that ocean fish no longer are over-harvested, And allow to recover. Though the possibility of that happening now is remote, because of the Predators own natural enemies are now practically gone. This is the sought of concept I would bring in. With Renewable Energy on the TOP of the agenda list.

  10. I feel this needs to be done sooner rather than later.

    • You can bet a titanic battle is being fought by Boris and Gove against Remoaners in Cabinet for what we voted for.
      Chequers day has been and gone. They obviously haven’t given in.

      • I agree even more, with what I have typed, you can see I wish to bring order back, but the battle will not end until all politics is erased forever, and the new form of Government is created. It will make all known wars look like a picnic in Hyde Park LITERALLY. I have already sent an email to certain party’s (not political) to highlight the truth, it will now be down to the Public Now to respond and make it known we do not want Tyrants. If they do nothing now, IT will mean certain DEATH for the human race.

      • Thanks for the interesting info, truly shocking.

      • This is what I have known for the last 2 years angelnstar. Now you will know the seriousness of what will happen if man does nothing to stop this.

      • The deception by government will continue until it becomes illegal by statute.Its a shame that people have lost trust in government and politicians and the Mandarins when will people be able trust their officials probably never.

      • That is the sad reality, Rod, it is why a new Form of Government is needed, one which is controlled to stop this kind of Corruption from ever happening again. One which is in Harmony with Human Rights (All known laws), and also with the Environment and Nature itself.

      • The sad reality is it will never happen.

      • Rod, you may say that there are always twists in the narrative, And my own family history may be the key to unlocking that. As I am one of the direct descendants of the French Royal Family who were wrongfully executed for something that this British Government Committed over 300 years ago. Before the Acts of Union As Anne Boleyn was One of my families Descendants. In truth, I am very much a relative of the Her Majesty in the line that was destroyed by the French Revolution Which BRITISH POLITICS Killed because we were a threat to there authority. Why do you think people still resent the Civil War from that time in the late 17th Century. Plus you will find that Roman Politics has also interfered with the true name of Britain was given to us by the Greeks and the Romans (Greece and Italy) Not the country of Origin. Meaning we are currently in A Despotic State Run Government Hell Bent on Destruction to everything country once stood for. Honesty, Integrity, Chivalry to name a few. Would you really want to Defend people who have committed HIGH TREASON for nearly 340 Years?

  11. In 2 Words Said in different terms sedition/treason (High Treason)

  12. Politicians (Powers/Principalities) as the WORD would describe them. Look at Ephesians 6:12 in the Bible. That is the true face of Politics. That bit I have known now for over 30 Years.

  13. This is how I see things.
    1)Me = Lowly (meek) citizen.
    2)Politicians (Principalities/Powers) High
    Ephesians 6:12 King James Version (KJV)

    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  14. I will tell you now Rod, The Revolution always has a nasty habit of returning. Why do you think Guy Fawkes tried what he did. The Acts of Union are also based on events that led up to the Napoleonic Wars. The evidence to topple has always been there. No more can the TRUTH be IGNORED. 340 Years of Evidence is MORE than enough to show where politicians loyalty stands. This time. what you say can never be done, WILL BE DONE on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN. The prevailing truth of change.

  15. I am no terrorist. I am a man on a quest to bring back true Justice. To Protect People, this Planet the Environment, and Everything Living thing on Planet Earth. in the United Kingdom. To make sure England. Scotland. Wales is recognised as the Independent States of the United Kingdom. and not Britain. to eliminate the political lie British Nationality. As we can only be native to ONE Nationality, not Duel.
    Which can be interpreted as a dividing wall of insanity. If you do not believe me, Start Researching the History of everything from King James 1st (King James 6th) of Scotland. till the Napoleonic Wars Late 1780’s. And you will find the real Evidence of how Evil Politics really is.
    It will also show you who the Freemasons, Isis, Illuminati Truly Are.
    To people like me “Luciferians”. The Word (Bible) “The Great Whore Babylon”. And you have been shown part of that Evidence from Ephesians 6:12. Revelations 13:=Governments Weapons. Revelations 17: =The Roman Catholic Church. Then there is Revelations 6. That speaks volumes. This is what the MOST HIGH will do to the wicked man. What People call Nibiru/Planet X. Is written in Revelations 6. Of what it will do to the Earth. Nibiru is better known as The Throne of The MOST HIGH. Do not say you have not been warned.

  16. What is written above, IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH. not in my own WORDS. but of the MOST HIGH.

  17. Don’t forget, Everything that led up to the Napoleonic Wars. No matter what Country is involved. Even if it means Delving into EVERY countries History here on Planet Earth.

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