Osbo dumps Gove, even though proof Gove didn’t act alone

They had planned a joint family holiday, but now the Sun reports that on the advice of SamCam, Osbo has dumped Gove and cancelled the holiday.  Intriguingly, SamCam’s advice was given because “it’s either Them or Us!”govepout

This comment, if true adds further fuel to the evidence that in stabbing Boris Johnson,  Gove did not act alone.   Journalist Piers Morgan has reported how, at a summer party, he was approached by a “top level Tory”  who hissed “We’re going to CRUSH Boris into a mangled heap. He’s going to get f***ed, trust me. ‘Completely and comprehensively F***ED!’

This was days before Gove acted, and note, the politician said “We!” It could just be coincidence, but the previous year,  unable to resist the desire to boast, George Osborne gave an interview to Dan Hodges.  George bragged he was planning to knife Boris, by “smashing him to smithereens”. Dan reported this with no hint of disapproval, are we intended to approve of such behaviour?  Later he referred to bullying,  threatening Osbo as “The King of Cool!”  So threats of violence are now cool?georgecreepThe overwhelming impression is that Osbo and Gove were in it together all along.  Since Cameron and Osbo are joined at the hip, the likelihood is Cameron was in it too.  Hence SamCam’s remark, and now, to save their skins,  they are making Gove the fall guy.

Much later on, the penny dropped.  Boris realised why Nick Boles took his phone.

We will probably never know, but the Cam/Osbo style – the bullying, the threats of physical violence,  the back stabbing and scheming are not suited to the offices they held.  Thankfully this is an unsavoury chapter in our political history that is mercifully over.

UpDate: Today Michael Gove gave an interview on Good Morning Britain, not to Piers Morgan, in which he claimed he was not Machiavellian.    It is clear the stitchup of Boris was carefully planned for months.  Michael,  you make Machiavelli look like a schoolboy.  No-one will ever trust you again.

2 responses to “Osbo dumps Gove, even though proof Gove didn’t act alone

  1. You tell me how the people can trust our government any ideas??

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