Boris sets out super tough EU negotiating position for Theresa May

A leaked letter has revealed the tough and decisive action Boris Johnson urged PM May to take over the EU, including cutting off their funding.  He urged Theresa May to shun a Brexit deal that will keep Britain in the European single market as he sets out his “red lines” to the Prime Minister.borismaynegsThe advice from our Foreign Secretary included a rejection of payments into the massive EU budget, controls on immigration from the bloc, a halt to Brussels legislation applying to Britain and a removal of the authority of the European Court of Justice.

The letter, was sent just days after the Prime Minister’s first Cabinet meeting. This is just the sort of firm decisive approach that ex-PM Cameron failed to adopt when he tried to get EU reform and he ended up with a big fat zero. There is no point pussy footing around over this.

PM has said she does not wish to adopt the sort of deal given to other countries, she wants a unique deal for the UK.   As Foreign Secretary, Boris has set out his negotiating position, and ardent Brexiteers applaud him.    Let’s hope Mrs. May does too.

Because an absolute essential with the EU is decisive action.

4 responses to “Boris sets out super tough EU negotiating position for Theresa May

  1. The people have spoken GETOUT so get on with it no more deceit we’ve had enough still paying billions in still unable to police our own borders still have to obey European law what is wrong with you people in Westminster.

    • For decades we were lied to by pro EU politicians and PMs. Cameron pledged we would have a referendum before the Lisbon Treaty, only to break his promise. He finally kept his promise and the country voted to leave. Now Remainers are insisting the verdict is overturned by MPs? The MPs who misled us?

  2. Please do not deceive the people again or should we be saying what deceit and lies will there be next to give in to the EU.????

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