Court setback for Uber: TfL licence means TfL laws.

Uber are taking TfL to court over the regulations instigated by Boris Johnson, including an English test.  Uber is arguing that the English test is discriminatory and contravenes the Equality Act. uber15Anyone normal might think that it is entirely reasonable in such a responsible job to expect drivers to speak good English.  Not so Uber, whose standards are the lowest imaginable.

A High Court judge is allowing a judicial review to go ahead in December on the language test,  and on two other new rules, but black cab drivers are celebrating over one victory.  Uber’s challenge on the law that requires cab drivers to be insured when they are not working was denied by the judge.

Any reasonable person would assume that as TfL is issuing the licences, TfL should set the rules. Such is the arrogance of well funded Uber, they think they have a right to dictate standards to TfL!  So irresponsible is the company, they actually have seriously suggested that regulation should be abandoned and black cabs too should sink to Uber’s appallingly low standards, ignoring the need for safety.

Uber only care about money.  They treat their drivers like dirt.  They are introducing driverless cabs to London soon.  With the Uber lack of concern for safety,  use them at your peril.

3 responses to “Court setback for Uber: TfL licence means TfL laws.

  1. There’s absolutely no chance I’d use Uber. I’d rather walk if left with no other choice (of course, there are other choices).

    • Nor me! Absolute crooks! Boss Travis Kalanick the worst type of businessman, 300 years ago would have been a slave trader. Makes Philip Green look like a philanthropist.

  2. Where are we are we in Great Britain where the language is English but I forgot that means nothing give the minority their way as in most issues its always the same.if you don’t you may be classed as racist or bigoted.

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