Brexiteers tell Remain Learn the lesson or take another kicking!

The independent Joseph Rowntreee Foundation has reported that people who felt abandoned by the political establishment rose up in large numbers to free Britain from Brussels. The verdict to leave the EU had significantly higher support from voters “pushed to the margins of society.”europhilesLast month’s Brexit vote revealed deep divisions in British society.  A poll of over 2,000 people conducted by Populus for JRF has revealed that those who voted for Brexit feel left behind by economic growth and ignored by politicians.

In one of the first polls after Brexit, it presents a warning for politicians that they are never so blind again about people and places who feel left behind.

Hardly any politicians at all seemed aware of the voice of this huge section of our society crying out to be heard and considered.  Boris Johnson, Gisela Stuart, and Andrea Leadsom were clearly in tune with how ordinary people felt.  Cameron, Osbo, Remainers, and the entire Labour party, apart from a very few, failed lamentably to have the faintest clue.

For years, Westminster has simply ignored the opinions of millions, especially when it came to the growing influence of Brussels and the dangers of mass migration. David Cameron, later to his huge cost, repeatedly told his cohorts “Ignore the grassroots and the activists.”

When the EU Ref. campaign began, Remain politicians lined up to lecture and patronise us on the importance of staying in.  Obama was hoiked over to bully and sneer at us.  Britain has been first to step up for years to help the US fight their wars.  Obama told us should we not comply with his wishes on the Referendum, we would be “last in the queue” for trade.  Tory grandees lined up to give Boris a kicking for his impudence in fighting for the working man and were paid £25,000 a pop by the EU every time they spewed vitriol in his direction.

The result was not exactly what the arrogant elite expected. Faced with a once in a lifetime chance to set Britain free and give the establishment a bloody nose, the hitherto despised plebs rose up as one to give Remainers  a historic smack in in the kisser.  So powerful was the peoples’ will, Osbo and Cameron found themselves out on their ear, with Michael Gove and Remain spin doctors suffering the same fate.

The shock shook Parliament to its foundations and the aftermath is still reverberating round Westminster.  Dazed Remainers are trolling twitter like ghosts, desperately trying to revive the campaign.

The new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has said she will focus on uniting the country and carrying out a programme that concentrates on more equality throughout the country. This is wise.  She has selected Brexiteers for three plum jobs in her government.  But Labour are, if anything, blinder than before,  as arrogant Blair talks of a second referendum.

Labour and Remainers of all parties should take heed.  Voters have discovered the power of the people.  They will not scruple to defend what was so hard fought for and next time, the battle will be bloodier and more fatal than before.

3 responses to “Brexiteers tell Remain Learn the lesson or take another kicking!

  1. William Geoffrey Henwood

    Thoughtful well written reply Time politicians realised that the people want to be considered

    • That has been the huge benefit of Brexit. To her credit, Mrs. May did strike the right note about a huge section not being listened to and she wanted to establish more fairness.

      • William Geoffrey Henwood

        Fairness could start in Rotherham Sort that out and I will believe the PM Until then I listen but know that they are just words!!!

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