Wikileaks quotes of Jean-Claude Juncker show how we were deceived by the EU

PM May has called a Chequers conference today of all her ministers, to discuss feelings about Brexit and how to move the matter forward.  Mrs. May, to the relief of all committed Brexiteers, has pledged MPs will not be given a vote on Brexit, and there will be no second referendum, but MPs will have an input in the form Brexit will take.cameronjuncker2Desperate Remainers are so panicked, they are blatantly lying on twitter that we have democracy under the EU. Wickileaks proves that Juncker not only despises democracy, but gloats that the EU is robbing countries of their sovereignty, deceiving them about decisions being made and the EU is sneakily concealing the truth.

The  rights of the poorest are gone.  They no longer have democracy.  British Law is superceded by EU Law.  Sovereignty is gone.  This quote illustrates the technique of the EU.  There are further quotes in the same vein on the link above.


  • We decide on something, leave it lying around and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.
referring to his colleagues in the European Council[disputed—see talk page]
Jean-Claude Juncker, quoted by Dirk Von Kock ‘Die Brüsseler Republik’ in Der Spiegel (2000) , then by Florian Eder ‘Junckers Tricks in den langen Brüsseler Nächten’ in Die Welt (2012).

6 responses to “Wikileaks quotes of Jean-Claude Juncker show how we were deceived by the EU

  1. Do not blame it all on Junkers what about the deceit and lies from our own government who now would trust a politician NO ONE ?

    • I don’t forget the deceit and lies from our own politicians, but since I came a lot more into contact with politics have realised one thing. There are dreadful people in politics yes, totally selfish people, who exploit others and the voters, and are in the job only for their egos. But there are also very good politicians who would never do any of those things. The good ones work incredibly hard, fight for what they believe in, and are a credit to this country, and these people are to be found in all parties.

      • What percentage are good it seems they are well outnumbered by the bad who come out on top each time so we can safely say bad outnumber good am I right or wrong??

      • Far from it. We only hear about the bad don’t we? Very few politicians behave as badly as Osbo and Cameron. They were the exception. I would say two thirds genuinely do their best. You never hear about them, but they work hard, would never cheat on expenses, and are honourable. Those that are bad are very bad indeed, and put their own selfish needs before the country, all their decisions are political. (Blair, Mandy, Cameron, Osborne). Then there are the exceptionally brave ones, the minority, who will stick their necks out, risk unpopularity to fight really hard for what they think is right. Like Boris.

  2. William Geoffrey Henwood

    Politicians once elected seem to forget the electorate To remind them that we exist we want all their expenses recorded for public inspection. It is our money and we need to overview how it is spent. Every time they want to spend public money they will have to ask if it will bear scrutiny and thereby forced to think about their constituents.

  3. Europe is one big deception however please do not forget the British people have been deceived by our own government don’t blame it all on Junkers and co.

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