Lone wolf or covert op? When Gove knifed Boris, evidence he wasn’t acting alone

When Gove launched his Boris Johnson show stopper,  knifing his friend of 30 years in the front, he went to great pains to explain that it was a spur of the moment thing.  Incensed at Boris’s “lack of focus”, he decided in the space of a few hours, to leave the Boris team.  Boris had taken a day off to play cricket, or who knows, needed a break from Gove’s incessant demands for more and more power.boriscricket4A hectic EU Referendum campaign meant that Boris Johnson needed some relaxation and fresh air. He was the front man, and had born the full pressure of the campaign, fighting every debate, delivering endless speeches and bearing the brunt of vicious Remain smear campaigns.

Gove decided to be horrified that Boris was playing cricket and holding a boozy barbecue.  Don’t people usually have drinks at a barbecue?  This apparently was enough for Gove to to scrap the partnership altogether.   While he was at it, he then thought  might as well do the job properly and kill off Boris’s career for good.   He had a enthusiastic stab at that by ripping Boris to pieces on air, then pushing him off a cliff.
But an article by Piers Morgan intimates that the attack on Boris wasn’t as spontaneous as Gove pretends.  The attack was general knowledge at an ITV party days before Gove acted . An unnamed top politician was clearly in the know and he intimated to Piers the attack was a carefully planned covert operation, a couple of days before Gove delivered the coup de grace. Boris was about to be majorly f……! gloated the politician.
How could this politician have been in the know several days before the deed was done?  And he referred to “We!” When Gove appeared on the Marr Show, he was excoriated by Marr, for hurting and humiliating his old friend.  Andrew was also surprised that Gove could produce his own election manifesto at such short notice.
Andrew Gimson’s book Boris: The Adventures Of Boris Johnson is exclusively serialised in The Sun on Sunday today is on sale on September 8th.

3 responses to “Lone wolf or covert op? When Gove knifed Boris, evidence he wasn’t acting alone

  1. Clear evidence from Piers Morgan, Gove was certainly not acting on impulse.

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