Death blow to Remain? May to trigger Brexit without Commons vote

YES!  It’s about to happen.  The stubborn refusal of Remainers to face reality over Brexit is about to receive a shattering blow!  Theresa May will trigger Brexit without heeding the demands of the loony Left to hold a Commons vote.blairmajorKen Clarke and his 100 MPs. Tory grandees, and the Blairite faction  have lost and must accept that a  thousand MPs cannot overturn the will of the people.

In Europe too, Angela Merkel has faced the inevitable.  Brexit is going to happen and there is nothing she can do to prevent it.  Euronews is reporting that Merkel is touring Europe visiting heads of state to discuss ways and means.  To her credit, Mrs. Merkel said on Euronews:  “The EU is out of touch.  Countries will only stay in the EU if it provides prosperity.”  That’s the EU busted then! Most countries are in hock up to their eyebrows!

France and Italy’s growth is zero.  Germany is in a slump at the news we are leaving, while the British economy is forging ahead.

On September 16th, there will be an EU summit without Britain held at Bratislava.  We will have a  representative though.  Prince William will be there to speak for Britain.

Remain tried to undermine Brexit on twitter, launching a campaign that said it would never happen.  Leave fought back with grassroots twitter teams, determined to hang on to their vital victory over the establishment.

The Telegraph reports today:  “It had been suggested – by Tony Blair, the former Labour Prime Minister, and Owen Smith, the Labour leadership candidate, among others –  that Remain-supporting MPs could use a Parliamentary vote to stop Brexit.”

A group of lawyers has mounted a legal challenge in a bid to force Mrs May to hold a parliamentary vote.

The case, which will be heard in the High Court in October, argues that Article 50 cannot be invoked until the European Communities Act of 1972 is repealed. However Government lawyers are confident that they will win, paving the way for Article 50 to be triggered at the beginning of next year, which could see Britain leave the European Union in 2019.

The efforts of Blair and Co., with Tory grandees  to derail Brexit have failed.  This is positive news for Brexiteers, and hopefully Mrs. May will stand firm and trigger Article 50 as promised, early next year.  It sounds like Merkel is facing facts.  Chuka, Blair, Owen Smith, have failed to follow her lead.  Unless the Labour party faces reality, they are finished forever.

2 responses to “Death blow to Remain? May to trigger Brexit without Commons vote

  1. Article50 early next year I wonder what next excuse will be to put it back and so on and so forth the day after the referendum it could have been triggered . Meanwhile lets continue to pay billions to the EU nothing’s changed nor likely to

    • I would agree with you, but the significant change is that Merkel and Co. seem to have accepted the inevitable. Merkel goes further. She admits the EU is out date. She also admits that only prosperity can hold the EU together.

      Most EU countries are on their uppers Fnancially, the project is a corrupt disaster. Far too late, Merkel is facing reality, and Leavers will not hesitate in ramming reality home to Remain.

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