Twenty-one fascinating facts you didn’t know about Boris Johnson

There are many articles that list 21 things we didn’t know about Boris Johnson.  Here are some facts you really didn’t know.


  1. Boris Johnson is extremely superstitious.
  2. Fun loving Boris has a deeply serious side.  He won the Wilder Divinity Prize at Eton and also the prep school scripture prize.
  3. Boris often reads the King James Bible for pleasure. He is  deeply interested in all religions.
  4. Boris’s parents divorced when he was eleven.
  5. Boris’s real name is Alexander and his family call him Al.
  6. As a child, Boris was a swot and a nerd.  His biggest thrill was a trip to the British Museum.borisnewborn
  7. Boris had an adored grandmother called Granny Butter, with French blood, who was descended from all the crowned heads of Europe, including George II.
  8. Boris’s mother is a talented artist, with a unique style. She recently had a prestigious exhibition, and has a body of over 1,000 works.
  9. Boris’s mother had several nervous breakdowns during his childhood, requiring long spells in hospital.
  10. Boris has always been artistic. He paints to relax.  He paints miniatures on the lids of cheese boxes.
  11. Superbrain Boris was reading the Economist from the age of nine. This is why he was able to drag London out of recession and boost the London and the UK economies and jobs markets.
  12. Boris doesn’t like eggs, particularly egg whites.
  13. Boris has known Marina, his barrister wife, from earliest childhood
  14. Boris was a placid baby, who never cried. Once, when Boris’s mother was downstairs, she heard a crash.  Rushing upstairs, she found Boris’s cot had broken, but he was still fast asleep on the floor.
  15. Boris was a quiet child, happiest when reading,  but until the age of 8 or 9, he was very deaf and had to have grommets in his ears.
  16. Boris’s maternal grandfather, Sir James Fawcett, was a member of the European Commission for Human Rights for 22 years. Through him, have come Boris’s deep belief in free speech, the right to equal citizenship without racial discrimination, and the democratic rights of the ordinary man.
  17. Boris’s brother, Jo, nickname Jo Jo, is also a Minister. Jo Johnson was appointed Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation in July 2016, and he kept his job when Theresa May became PM.  Like Boris, he has had an illustrious career.
  18. Boris is a keen, competitive sportsman.  He has played cricket with Kevin Pietersen and played tennis with Andy Murray.
  19. Boris’s childhood was neither rich nor pampered.  The Johnson children had to work for everything and they all won scholarships to Eton and Oxford.
  20. If you believe in astrology, Boris’s horoscope is crammed full of Fixed Stars.  These Stars foretell fame and high renown. At birth, Boris was born at the time of Mercury/Jupiter eclipse, the sign of a genius.
  21. Boris was born with a full mop of blond hair.

Thanks to Andrew Gimson for many of these facts, taken from his book on Boris Johnson .

6 responses to “Twenty-one fascinating facts you didn’t know about Boris Johnson

  1. Enjoyed reading this. I too started reading the Economist at an early age and the then the Rand Daily Mail where free thought was encouraged. (The news paper could not be tamed and was eventually forced to close by the Apartheid Government).

    Introduced to Philosophy by our gardener who was extremely well read. He introduced me to articles written by some of the greatest minds of the time opposing/supporting an Orwellian state. I learnt that the mind can not be controlled by the state. Censorship creates distrust and ultimately brings down the body which created and enforced their rules.

    Legitimate government has the will of the people, serves the people; making it possible for the people to improve their lot. Boris is an enabler. London thrived!!!

  2. So often in these lists there are the things everyone knows. Most people don’t know the things above, thanks for your very interesting reply!

  3. Boris has achieved a momentous service for Britain, more than many Prime Ministers achieve in their lifetimes. He has freed us from foreign rule, restored our rights and British Law.

  4. No14 is a contradiction of the photo of him crying in no 6.

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