The bizarre behaviour of Liam Fox could damage Brexit

Brexit is a turning point in British history, a huge step foward for Britain and a cause for great rejoicing.  It is absolutely vital that Brexit should be delivered, properly and soon. So why Liam Fox is behaving in the way he is seems inexplicable.EU referendumMr. Fox from the start has behaved in a provocative, disruptive manner towards his fellow Brexiteers.  Considering the importance of his task, this is beyond my comprehension. The Daily Mail reported:  “Just weeks after the two Brexit campaigners were elevated to the Cabinet by Theresa May, Dr Fox told the Foreign Secretary that his newly-created International Trade Department should be handed control of economic diplomacy.

The Sunday Telegraph, which obtained the letter, said the Prime Minister was copied in to the correspondence and was unimpressed, while Mr Johnson rejected Dr Fox’s demands.

Today the Daily Telegraph poured a can of petrol on the mild mannered response of Boris Johnson that they should “knuckle down and get on with the job” with an inflammatory statement.

The Telegraph reported:  “Speaking to American radio talkshow host Hugh Hewitt last month, Mr Fox was asked about his new responsibilities and how he was creating a new department from scratch.

Mr Fox said: “We are taking over a wing of what is at the moment the Foreign Office. We’ll be based between Downing Street and the Foreign Office, and that’s going to send an important signal about how important Britain thinks international trade is in our relationship with the wider world.”

Surely the important thing is not the size of Mr. Fox’s department and his importance in the entire setup, but the results he achieves.  Anxiety is growing that matters are not progressing as quickly as Brexiteers would like.

With the demise of the Cam/Osbo government, voters were hoping that for once, with Brexit, the wishes of the people would come first. Boris has an outstanding record in raising billions in investment and millions in trade deals for London and the UK.  He helped George handle the economy with advice when we were teetering on the brink of a double dip recession.  How sad it would be if Mr. Fox, who has a medical background, was allowing his apprehension over his own role to propel him into disruptive behaviour.

2 responses to “The bizarre behaviour of Liam Fox could damage Brexit

  1. He is not right for the job, square peg. Fish out of water.

  2. Didn’t Liam Fox work in Defence and Health? No salesman, no economic background, not right for this job is he.

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