Crass EU tries to hijack Olympic glory

An embarrassing faux pas saw the EU clumsily trying to hijack Olympic glory mid-stream.  Countries applied to compete individually, but when did reality ever stop the EU steamrollering their will onto any situation, however inappropriately?eumedalstableThe EU has decided they should be at the top of the medals table.  Even though Team GB applied to complete as Team GB yonks ago, and the competion is well underway, we are now yanked into Team EU without any consultation.

Would this be something to do with the Belgian result?  Belgium has been one of the flops of the tournament, only 26th with 2 golds, when Team GB is a brilliant second with a stunning 22 gold medals! Nothing could demonstrate more clearly that the EU is a dictatorship, run by mediocre bureaucrats, desperate to exploit and suppress the success of its members.martinjohnson2Apart from being the scene for the Battle of Waterloo, what has Belgium ever achieved on its own?  And even then, half the terrified Belgian forces turned tail and ran, unable to face the ferocious Frenchies.

How long before the EU bulldozes over Andy Murray, Oi Andy, your Wimbledon title is not a win for Britain, you are playing for the EU now m’boy!  Send your cups to Brussels, we want them for Juncker’s mantelpiece.

We have been in the EU for thirty years.  I don’t envy Juncker his interview fronting up to a glowering Martin Johnson as he prissily tells Martin the Rugby World Cup was actually won by the EU.  Tricky though.  How will Juncker explain the games when the EU was playing itself, in the England/France game for example.  And as for the Six Nations…….

Anyway aren’t individual countries limited to a certain number of competitors for each event? Team EU must have far exceeded that.  So to put Team EU at the top of the medals table is a bureaucratic blooper, that makes no sense. The medals tally is higher yes, but won by three times as many people as all the other teams!  Their table is meaningless.  IDIOTS

UPDATE:  Daily Mail joins in the fun,  EU mocked for claiming they topped medals table, LOLZ.

4 responses to “Crass EU tries to hijack Olympic glory

  1. Everyone is aware of the EUs leaders one state one army one anthem one DICTATORSHIP I forgot ONE gravy train .

  2. They have made themselves a laughing stock, no other team had that many competitors in the first round, the medals haul is wrong. They can’t even do that right.

  3. E(dictators)U what a shame our chosen few (govt) are part of something the people don’t want.Forced upon by lies and deceit.Brussels showing its true self again.Why don’t our govt see it, oh dear I forgot don’t want to !!

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