John Redwood calms Brexit fears

A tweet from John Redwood has gone a long way towards calming Brexit fears.  It links to an BBC article in which Mr. Redwood dismissed Brexit delay claims as “idle chatter”.redwoodbrexitThe BBC reported: “Conservative MP and veteran Eurosceptic Mr Redwood told the BBC he did not “buy” reports of a delay, saying they were “idle chatter by people who don’t know the prime minister’s mind”.

He said his understanding was that Mrs May did not want the issue dominating the next Parliament and wanted to “get on with it”.

Brexit, he added, “can happen pretty quickly”.

John Redwood has battled for Brexit for 30 years.  He is the last person to mislead anxious Brexiteers, take heart Leavers, it will happen!

Read The Thirty Years War:  compromise is not an option.

One response to “John Redwood calms Brexit fears

  1. Everyone is nervous about Brexit, and it is hard to see what the delay is. On the other hand, it’s a very complicated situation, and they need all those negotiators.

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