Daily Telegraph refutes Sunday Times’ scaremongering about Brexit delay

A negative article in yesterday’s Sunday Times, saying that Whitehall is not ready for Brexit talks and Britain could remain in EU until the end of 2019 triggered a torrent of scaremongering tweets from Remainers, desperate to reverse the Leave decision.borisfox2The Sunday Times also warned:  ” Whitehall is in chaos as David Davis and Liam Fox struggle to set up new departments responsible for Brexit. With no agreed timetable for the negotiations, let alone a plan B if they go badly, the future suddenly seems uncertain. How to make good on her promise is doubtless high on Mrs May’s to-do list as she surveys the scene from her Alpine eyrie.”

No doubt this explains Liam Fox’s attempt to nick part of the responsibilities of the FO, by writing to Boris saying he felt part of the Foreign Office should become his, Liam’s responsibility.  Fox is obviously worrying about his ability to fulfill his brief. Mrs. May rebuked Lian Fox over his power grab against Boris, and told him “Get on with your job!”.

Whitehall sources are said to have described Dr Fox’s letter as an “institutional insult and assault” and “highly presumptuous”.  Boris Johnson robustly opposed Fox’s request, but he has diplomatically seconded some staff to Liam rather than break up the FO. Boris did spectacularly well in reviving the economy of London, raising millions in trade deals and billions in Foreign investment. Maybe this is making Mr. Fox jittery.

Today an article in the Daily Telegraph went some way towards reassuring Brexiteers, and although the reassurance came from “a source”. the country was told there would be no delay in invoking Article 50.   The Telegraph reported:

“Mrs May has publicly suggested that she will enact Article 50 in January, setting in train the formal two years of Brexit negotiations.

However The Sunday Times claimed that ministers believe she may be forced to delay invoking Article 50 until the end of 2017, after French and German elections. Sources close to Mrs May have strongly rejected the claims. “She wants to get on with it,” a source said. “She has made it very clear.””

2 responses to “Daily Telegraph refutes Sunday Times’ scaremongering about Brexit delay

  1. Democracy is no longer if only people realised we are run by a few or govt for there own ends and again I say it won’t happen it will be put off long enough to get there own way article 50 could have been triggered immediately why not they have to look int ways of getting out of it .

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