Remain’s Craig Oliver fails to spin himself out of his own failure

The Remain campaign in the EU Referendum was one of the worst run campaigns for decades.  Spin doctor Craig Oliver was clearly out of touch with the needs and feelings of the British people and relied on vicious slurs and scaremongering, while ignoring the most important issues. CraigOliverThere were non-stop smear campaigns on twitter, mainly aimed at Boris Johnson, but these only aroused sympathy for the dignified and gentlemanly Boris.

On the BBC2 programme, Brexit: the battle for Britain, Craig refused to admit that his tactics were wrong, preferring to blame the “industrial scale lies” of the Leave campaign.  But the lying was all by Remain.

These were the ridiculous tales put out by Cam/Osbo and their grubby aides, Craig and the vituperative Will Straw.

  • David Cameron claimed leaving the EU might mean the jungle camp in Calais moving to the UK;
  • Pensioners were told an economic shock of Brexit could knock as much as £32,000 off the value of their retirement nest egg;
  • Treasury forecasts said house prices could take a hit of between 10 and 18 per cent over two years;
  • Annual mortgage costs would go up by £1,000, Mr Cameron claimed;
  • George Osborne warned the average household’s wealth would be £4,300 lower by 2030 in the event of a Brexit vote;
  • The Chancellor said a year-long recession would mean up to 820,000 jobs lost within two years;
  • Mr Cameron said Brexit could mean war and genocide in Europe, and that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Russia’s Vladimir Putin would be ‘happy’ about a Leave vote.

But he has wrecked his own reputation.  People aren’t fools. The lies, smears and slur were so extreme, they became laughable.  Remain ran their entire campaign without once mentioning that the EU has destroyed our democracy,  made British law subservient to EU law and ripped away the rights of ordinary people.  Remain also refused to engage on the vital issue of immigration.

Not only was the Remain campaign vile and dishonest, it was utterly cowardly.  Oliver better pray his book sells, because it is unlikely his services as a spin doctor will ever be needed again.

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