Proof the FT talks Britain down non-stop

So keen is the Financial Times to talk down the UK, that their negative headlines have earned the Editor, Lionel Barber,  a nomination for a French award, the Legion d’Honneur.  You have to work full time to promote the UK’s demise to be offered one of those babies!  FTheadlinesHere’s just a sample of how the paper merrily bashes our Brexit chances into the dust.  Psychologist Suzie Orbach wrote an article how spoilt brat Remainers were seeking therapy on how to come to terms with the shattering realisation they had been beaten by the plebs!  This rates at news in a financial newspaper?

And there’s more. FTheadlines2Although there is plenty of Brexit good news, somehow this never makes the FT headlines.  Employment in the UK is among the healthiest in Europe.  The retail sector is booming.

John Redwood has firmly refuted the scaremongering of the IFS , pointing out that they were proved completely wrong before and should stick to the facts.

Britain will be due a colossal repayment from the rich EU property empire. Twenty-seven countries want trade deals with Britain, while the eurozone continues to be the dead weight of the EU economy.  Even this exciting news does not make the FT headlines!

Leaving the EU was easy and worth it, says Greenland, and their conomy expanded.

The Daily Mail confirms that the FT is known for trashing the British economy to the delight of the French.

So there we have it!  Talk down your country hard enough and you will receive the ultimate accolade – a decoration from the country moving heaven and earth to keep Britain in subjection.

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