The Thirty Years War. Compromise is not an option

It was Sir Bill Cash who after voting to join the EEC in 1975, realised that what was being sold to us as a free trade agreement was actually a transfer of our democratic rights to a European government.  This was  clear from his first glimpse of the Maastricht Treaty. Since that day he has campaigned to protect British freedom. Snide John Major described him as “obsessive, driven and on Europe, frankly a bore.”sirbillcashOn June 5th, 1975, a Referendum to save our rights failed, because it was turned into a vote of confidence against the Government.  John Major said to Bill Cash “Well Bill, it’s all over now.”  Bill Cash replied: “No, Prime Minister, it’s only just begun.”

This was the start of a long journey, when the determination of Bill Cash to defend our rights never faltered.  His supporters have included historian Andrew Roberts,  EU Brussels correspondent Boris Johnson, and countless Eurosceptic MPs, including John Biffen and John Redwood.  In 1993, the single issue Anti Federalist League was renamed UKIP.  This org. produced a doughty Brexit fighter in Nigel Farage.

The father of Zac Goldsmith, Sir James Goldsmith, formed the Referendum party in 1997, and fought with huge courage for Brexit until his death. His son was never going to abandon all his father  fought for to please David Cameron (who didn’t want a Brexit Mayor,)  and become Mayor of London by voting Remain.

In 1992, the Maastricht Treaty that created the EU federal masterplan that gives Brussels superiority over the British Parliament, was signed by 12 EEC member nations.

In 1999, the euro was launched as Europe’s single currency.  Britain opted out.

On December 13th, 2007, Gordon Brown sneakily signed the Lisbon Treaty, a modern amendment to the Maastricht Treaty.  As Opposition leader, David Cameron gave a “cast iron guarantee” that the Tories would allow a popular vote on the Lisbon Treaty.   Once in power he backtracked.

In 2013, once again, David Cameron pledged he would hold an EU referendum if the Tories won outright in 2015, which he didn’t expect to do.   He expected to form another coalition with Nick Clegg.  The Tories unexpectedly won, and the rest is history.

Remain believed they would win the EU Referendum if they concentrated on the economy and used Planet Fear.  They never tackled the issue of immigration and the most important issues of all, that if we stayed in the EU we would lose democracy, the rights of ordinary people to vote out our lawmakers, and we would lose the primacy of British Law were never even mentioned.

Cameron’s belief that if he brought Obama here to cowe us into submission, was a fatal error that merely put peoples’ backs up. The vicious attacks by Tory grandees like John Major, Michael Heseltine, and Ken Clarke, (paid by the EU to back Remain), on Brexiteer Boris Johnson, who with Gisela Stuart and Andrea Leadsom passionately fought for our rights, rebounded on his critics. The non stop smear campaigns of Remain disgraced British politics.

The lies of EU funded TV channels like the BBC and SKY were similarly disregarded.

Even now, sour Remainers are attempting to overthrow the democratic decision of the people, by their vociferous complaints.

The battle for our rights has gone on too long and been too hard to surrender now for a compromise solution. It is all or nothing, and the present government owes it to the brave Brexiteers who gave everything to the fight to deliver what we crave the most.  Our rights and freedom.

Update: If Mrs. May does a U turn on immigration, she will face a huge backlash, warns the Daily Express. And if the rights of ordinary people are not returned to them with democracy, sovereignty and the primacy of British Law, that will mean we have not left the EU at all.

Revealing article by Craig Oliver.  In explaining where Remain went wrong, Oliver thinks really not his fault.  Never once does he mention that EU killing democracy, taking away the rights of the working man might have contributed to Remain’s defeat.  Still in denial.

5 responses to “The Thirty Years War. Compromise is not an option

  1. It seems a shame that the people you put your trust in to represent the majority of your country deceive and lie over the years and then wonder why the majority do not trust them at all.

    • Damn depressing! Look at how David Cameron lied about getting EU REform? Shameless. The ministers who tied us up like kippers in the EU without explaining the consequences should explain themselves now.

  2. You’re insane.

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