Queen’s top spin doctor joins the staff of Boris Johnson

A leaked  memo revealed the excited reaction to his new job of a close aide of the Queen  – the Queen’s top spin doctor, James Roscoe,  will be helping Boris Johnson make a success of taking Britain out of the EU. jamesroscoeAnnouncing his move from Communications Secretary to the Queen to become the Foreign Secretary’s Brexit spin doctor, high-flying James Roscoe tossed aside the usual mandarin’s reserve to signal his joy and pride that he would be helping the new Foreign Secretary.

James Roscoe will be Boris Johnson’s ‘Head of Post Referendum Communications Unit’, and he “cannot wait to get stuck in” to such a vitally important role. 

The Mail on Sunday reported today:  “In his email, Roscoe said: ‘I’m looking forward to the prospect of being involved in forging a new role for the UK in the world. We are an extraordinary country with an incredible Sovereign and I have every confidence that we can define a new confident Britain, thriving and prospering on the world stage.’

It is believed that the Queen, a devoted sovereign,  is keen to keep an eye on how Brexit progresses.    Mr. Roscoe has worked at the Foreign Office before.  He is well known to the Foreign Office chief mandarin,  Simon McDonald and his appointment was approved by by the Queen’s top adviser, private secretary Sir Christopher Geidt.  It is inconceivable that the Queen would not have discussed the appointment with Geidt.

It is believed that Boris has always been a firm favourite with the Royal family, particularly the late Queen Mother, but in line with Royal protocol, the new Foreign Secretary would never confirm or deny such reports.

3 responses to “Queen’s top spin doctor joins the staff of Boris Johnson

  1. Sounds good however plent of spin but still going nowhere right or wrong ? !!!!

  2. Rod I actually don’t agree with you. The Gov. are looking at how the City would be affected if we dumped the single market. Sounds like progress to me.

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