Leave told no lies! Some voters confused the rules of a GE with the rules of a Referendum

We knew it!  The figure on the Boris Johnson battlebus was not only accurate, it was TOO LOW!borisbattlebusThe Office for National Statistics has revealed that as I have explained for months, the figure of £350 million a week was not a lie.

According to the Office of National Statistics the EU billed the UK for £19.6 billion in 2015 or almost £376 million each week.Borisbattlebus2The revelation comes after repeated claims by the Remain campaign and its supporters that Vote Leave’s battlebus gross figure of £350 million a week going to the EU was “a lie”.

It is not allowed during a Referendum to pledge cash.  Only in a GE.    In a referendum, all that is needed is a YES or NO answer to a question, like Should we leave the EU?   The opposing sides are not campaigning to form a government, so cannot make financial pledges. The members of Leave were not even in the same party.

The ad. was about taking back control.  So Leave wanted to show what a huge amount we gave to the EU every week, and suggested we pay money into the NHS. We could also spend money on schools, or housing, policing, etc. .  Anyone who says “Let’s … do something is making a suggestion only, not a pledge.  We say “Let’s go for coffee!”  That’s a suggestion.  If you say “I promise I will pay you £50 a week.” that’s a pledge.

As soon as the Referendum was  won by Leave, it was the responsibility of the government to execute the verdict, not Leavers like Farage and Boris.  Their part was over and there was nothing more they could do. Totally dishonestly, Remain circulated that they had “dumped the mess they had created.”  This was another evil Remain smear.  As I have said, only the government can execute the verdict. Boris and Nigel’s job was over.

A YouGov poll has proved that it was Remain who misled the public worst, giving figures of 41% for Remain, but only 28% for Leave. All the misunderstanding arose simply because some voters did not understand the difference between a Ref. and a GE.

7 responses to “Leave told no lies! Some voters confused the rules of a GE with the rules of a Referendum

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  2. It wasn’t the figure of £350m that Remain claimed was a lie, it was Leave’s statement that we ‘send’ this to the EU each week, a statement the ONS called ‘misleading’. But hey, don’t let facts get in the way of a good story…!

    • The figure was queried before the Referendum and discussed and explained in full. And your stupid tweet was pathetic! Hey don’t let facts….. IDIOTIC. Boris does not tell lies, he didn’t lie about this, so HEY! try something else! Absolutely idiotic! It was fully discussed in all the EU REf debates too.

      But HEY, why should you tell the truth, no other Remoaner does about this!

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  5. Delighted that the figure was understated. Remain has more mud on their faces!!

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