Are you sick of corrupt TV bias? If you want the truth, watch Euronews!

Were you sickened by the blatant bias of the BBC and SKY News during the EU referendum?  Are you appalled to discover that the BBC and SKY are deliberately ignoring the huge demonstrations in Germany that have gone on since 2013, against Merkel’s immigration policy? So ingrained is the bias of these channels to REMAIN that they ignore the trade deals offered to Britain in their need to please their EU paymasters.bigbrother3The most recent Mayoral election (between REMAINER Sadiq Khan and committed LEAVE candidate Zac Goldsmith)   was not truthfully reported. Zac was so digracefully smeared on the half hour on SKY,  I reported the coverage to Ofcom (and got  nowhere!) The BBC was similarly untruthful.

In the UK, we are misled by the TV media, we do not have a free TV press,  but there is a solution.  If you have SKY, switch to Euronews.  Euronews is the most watched TV channel in Europe, because it is financially independent.   The channel concentrates on accuracy and giving just the facts.

The Euronews point of view “Our policy is to show our viewers the reality of our times based on fact.”

You get more truth on the Turkish/EU situation in five minutes for example,  than you get in five months of watching the BBC and SKY.  In General Elections, we are brainwashed to the lefty way of thinking as we are in programmes such as BBC QT and Marr.

If you enjoy the inaccurate tabloid histrionics of SKY, and the pious lefty preaching of the BBC,  that’s your choice, but don’t kid yourself that what is being broadcasted is remotely related to the truth.  These channels are out to brainwash you and confirm your prejudices if you have any,  and any ethics they may once have had are long long gone.

But there is an alternative.  The truth is out there.  Switch to Euronews and as the cop in the film L. A. Confidential said about corrupt reporting, you will get “The facts Jack!  Just the facts!”

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