What talent does Zac Goldsmith have that Donald Trump lacks?

It is clear that Zac Goldsmith has an outstanding gift that Donald Trump lacks.  This is an asset that will serve him well, if you have it, you are brilliant at handling people.

Zac handles kids with practised ease, two lively bouncing babies don’t faze him.  He deals with kids with the expertise of a devoted  Dad. and when he tells us he can sing all the songs of Frozen, we know it’s no lie.

Donald Trump has the panicky look of a macho man who has never been at ease with babies.  Trump’s kids obviously adore him now they are older.  Dealing with stroppy teenagers is also a useful gift to have particularly if you work in politics.zacbabiesSupporters of Zac Goldsmith are hoping that the present government does not pick Heathrow for a third runway.  As well as being a total disaster environmentally, the decision would mean that, as a man of his word,  Zac would insist on resigning from his Richmond constituency.

Zac was horribly and unfairly maligned during the last Mayoral election.  There are selfish, unprincipled people in politics these days, although recently, less so.  We cannot afford to throw away honourable politicians like Zac because of dirty tricks. Let’s hope that as well as for the sake of cleaner air, Theresa May plumps for Gatwick.

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