Brexit boom: 27 countries want trade deals with Britain

All it took was the courage to make the leap.  We found that courage.  In spite of the disgraceful bias of the TV media, Planet Fear and the continual lies of Remain,  the indications are that Boris Johnson was right.  If we throw off the stifling control of the EU, a whole new world of opportunity is waiting for us.South Ruislip Library opening27 countries want trade deals with Britain. The UK is on the brink of a new era of prosperity free from Brussels rule.  New figures have revealed that the eurozone  continues to be the dead weight of the world economy, but Europe should not despair!  Hop on board with the enterprising British attitude and you too can rejuvenate your country’s future.

According to eurostat, the 19 country currency zone at the heart of the failing EU project only grew by 0.3 per cent in the last quarter, just half the rate of the UK.  According to reports 27 countries with a combined GDP of more than £40 trillion – over two thirds of the global economy – now want to take advantage of Brexit and strike new trade deals with the UK.
The vast economic potential dwarfs the EU’s single market worth around £12 trillion, just 22 per cent of the world’s GDP.  Theresa May calmly told the EU, world markets are now more important to Britain than the single market.  Boris Johnson is the last person to hold a grudge.  No matter what happens, he values historical ties. 
Once again Britain is leading the way in Europe, and once we have proved that a much better future is possible outside the EU,  the whole of Europe will follow us.
There is a new feeling of confidence amongst ordinary people in Britain.  We have realised we are not helpless, we, the people,  have the power to make a difference.  Over 70% of the country voted in the EU Referendum.  We fought against insuperable odds and we won.  More importantly it was the right thing for the country. 
I have always been hugely optimistic about Brexit and believe a golden age of prosperity awaited us if we only had the courage to make the leap.  Boris and every brave Brexiteer will go down in history as people who changed our destiny.  Once they have seen there is nothing to fear, Europe will follow and we will embrace every country as our friends  Stand firm now Britain, nothing can stop us except fear itself.

6 responses to “Brexit boom: 27 countries want trade deals with Britain

  1. Fabulous news. Where Britain leads, Europe WILL follow.

  2. When we aren’t being out-‘technik’ed by Angela Merkel. it might be appropriate for the ‘scientism’ that brought you Mad Cow Disease to start preening itself

  3. (PS – Congrats to Boris, getting the job)

    • Thanks Leon! at one time, things looking bad, but now it’s all very hopeful and positive. May has made an excellent start and Boris will be a great Foreign Secretary, the job plays to his strengths.

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