Mini cab drivers are livid because finally they have to comply with regs

Until now, minicab drivers have had a free ride as far as regulations are concerned.  George Osborne, bosom buddy of Travis Kalanick, the Uber boss, made sure that mini cab applications were rushed through with the minimum of fuss, while black cab drivers have regulations and security checks up the ying yang.

Osbo was the Uber villain, but now he's gone

Osbo was the Uber villain, but now he’s gone

No more.  The regulations worked out by previous Mayor Boris Johnson are coming into force and Osbo is gone.

TAXI reported:  “Many of the rules kicked in last month and include forcing drivers to have hire and reward insurance in place and to pass an English language test. But Licensed Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA)   chairman Steve Wright claims to have been “inundated”with phone calls and emails from concerned private hire operators and drivers since the launch.”

A furious Wright demanded the regs. be immediately withdrawn!

Bad luck matey, no way!  These regulations are long overdue.  With recent terror threats, it is even more vital that regulation of mini cabs starts to kick in and black cab drivers are rightly furious that the new regs.  only apply to new drivers!  Why?  ALL minicabs should be properly regulated.

Sadiq Khan needs to get his act together and in the name of fairness, start lobbying for ALL minicabs to comply with regs.

With the wave of terror threats in France and Germany, safety regulations are an absolute necessity.  Minicabs including Uber, have got away scot free so far.  That situation, for the sake of the public cannot be allowed to continue, so whine away boys, it’s time to knuckle under!


One response to “Mini cab drivers are livid because finally they have to comply with regs

  1. Osbo is gone, time for a fair deal for black cabs. And minicabs must speak proper English and observe safety regs. And be insured.

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