Top level politics? Or Junior High?

Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson had a cat fight on twitter, sniping at each other like two stroppy teenagers, over a ship building contract.  It was straight out of Mean Girls. nicolaruthMiriam Clegg jeered at SamCam for serving her roast chicken for lunch with a tube of Hellmans mayonnaise. She then jibed at Ed Miliband’s kids for not knowing how to cook scrambled eggs.   Apparently, she gets back at Tories she doesn’t like by serving them fiery hot red peppers.

Everyone is kicking Jeremy Corbyn and that’s just his own party.

David Cameron is to “go dark”. He is writing his memoirs and “any score-settling will be subtle”  said an aide.

Is this politics or Junior high?

2 responses to “Top level politics? Or Junior High?

  1. This is not the way our leaders should behave, Sturgeon and Donaldson both as silly as each other. Makes them both look terrible.

  2. It’s 25th August and they are still sniping and bitching at each other, haha

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