Knickers to gloomadons, fight for Brexit!

It’s vital to keep up confidence right now, because the ultimate outcome of Brexit is never in doubt. Since there is so much good news to talk about, it’s strange that the TV media is unrelentingly negative, as is the entire lefty press.boriseusummit4The Bank of England says it sees “no evidence” of a sharp economic slowdown and the pound gained in strength as a result.  Any downturn is likely to be temporary and it will not be possible to judge the effects of Brexit for many months.  Positive job figures showing unemployment falling and record numbers in work were heralded by new Prime Minister Theresa May.

Average earnings in the year to May were up 2.3per cent, official figures revealed, and mortgage brokers reported a brisk trade from foreign investors.
A huge US bank is ignoring the scaremongering to buy a massive £300 million new headquarters in London, reports Business Insider.  
SKY, the BBC and certain ITV channels are unremittingly gloomy, even unforgiveably saying we could be on the brink of recession.  After so short a time this is unforgiveable.  The Guardian and the Indy never stop moaning.  So knickers to the lefty media, and the gloomadons on twitter!   Brexiteers are holding fast under fire, as Boris says, we have come back from much worse  than this, and a glorious future awaits if we all just hold our nerve.



One response to “Knickers to gloomadons, fight for Brexit!

  1. The talking down of Britain by sour REMAIN is a scandal. They cannot love this country, and as for the TV media, how much longer do we have to put up with this corrupt shower, particularly the BBC and SKY?

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