Boris Johnson is unafraid to challenge the US Prez if he believes he is wrong

Forget the fuming lefties, bitter Remainers and uncomprehending US journos.  Boris is loved by the British people.   He gave up a plum job in Cameron’s government to take the gamble of his life.  He fought for the rights of ordinary people in the EU Referendum and against seemingly insuperable obstacles,  he won. boriskindThe education Boris has had given him with a deep respect for the rights of ordinary people.   Cameron failed to achieve EU reform, our sovereignty was lost, the people could not vote out our EU lawmakers, so that,  for Boris, was the deal breaker.

President Obama threatened the British people that unless we stayed in the EU, the consequences would be dire.   As far as any deal with the US was concerned,  we would be “at the back of the queue”.   His attitude was downright insulting.  Frankly we were furious.  His patronising threats lit the fires of rebellion in the British people.  Cameron, as usual, showed how little he understood voters.

Democracy is prized in America.   Americans  would defend it with their lives. The US is desperate to defend its own democracy, said Boris, and keep US law, but Obama wants us to ditch ours. Democracy is obviously too good for the likes of us!  When he pointed this out to Obama,  all hell broke loose.  Obama can’t take criticism.  It’s don’t do as I do, do as I tell you,  we give and the US takes.  Stand up for yourself and the rights of this country,  you see another side to the Prez. and I don’t like it.

Apparently the Queen is a passionate Brexiteer and when Nick Clegg moaned abut losing the EU, she gave him the dressing down of his young life!


Update. Boris brought windbag Kerry to life, says Quentin Letts, his humour will endear him to Foreign Ministers.

One response to “Boris Johnson is unafraid to challenge the US Prez if he believes he is wrong

  1. This is why the US media gives Boris Johnson a hard time. He had the guts to tell Obama to butt out, none of his business, and not up to him to lecture the British and tell us to give up our democracy.

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