This time it’s serious. Boris gives up £MMs to concentrate on the day job

Boris Johnson gave his all to carry out his job as Mayor of London, and he did it with great success,  but his actions today show how deeply serious he is about tackling his job as Foreign Secretary.borissolemnNot only has he returned his half a million pound advance to his publishers (he was commissioned to write a book on Shakespeare), but he has given up his hugely lucrative Daily Telegraph column.  Boris is such a  talented writer, the Telegraph was paying him £275,000 a week for his outrageously popular brand of journalism.

The Shakespeare book would have earned far more than his massive advance.  World sales, particularly in the US , would have brought in millions.

Nothing could signal more clearly how honoured he is to be Foreign Secretary and how determined he is to make a success of the job.  It is not that he could not find time to write the column.  But in diplomacy, appearance is all.  It is clear he believes the column would send out the wrong message now he is Foreign Secretary.  and there is no way, whatever it costs him, he intends to let Britain down.


3 responses to “This time it’s serious. Boris gives up £MMs to concentrate on the day job

  1. Unbelievable two weeks ago to think that Boris would be in this position. We all know he will be a smashing success, how can he not?

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