Boris steals the show at the EU summit

It was ever thus.   He has vigorously bashed the EU and its members to Hades and back with outrageously inflammatory criticisms.  He compared the EU to Hitler – he was making a point about political strategy also true of Napoleon and Caligula.  They were fit to be tied,  calling him all sorts, then after one meeting, one glimpse of the dimples, the charm and the softly expressed but shockingly pertinent comments and they are jostling each other to get close to him, begging for more.boriseusummitEuranet reported:  EU foreign ministers made a general commitment to aid France defeat terrorism, while calling for restraint following Turkey’s attempted coup, during a meeting in which new UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson stole the show.

The approach of our new Foreign Secretary was tactful, even humble, but he made no apology for the Hitler comparison, which after all was true. He said gently:  “We must listen to the voice of the people!”, a killer blow if ever there was one, because when does the EU ever do that?

The truth will be told from papers like Euranet, not the British TV press.  They tried to brainwash the British public, that failed, and now they are laughing stocks and nobody believes a word. Boris was the star of the EU Summit and the foreign press will report that, check out Euronews.  From the disgruntled British press there will be silence, only silence.

Webcam here of Boris Johnson explaining the thrust of his argument to the EU.

2 responses to “Boris steals the show at the EU summit

  1. I agree, Boris is hugely talented, his truthfulness is what many cannot handle. Particularly when he tells the US to stay out.

  2. Boris was the star at this EU summit and has been mobbed in previous visits to Paris. Boris has a French grandmother, and his fluent French and knowledge of French literature and poetry have won over the French every time he has made an official visit.

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