The way that PM May sacked George Osborne was justice

In the Independent “i”, John Rentoul talked about “A very vindictive adieu to Osborne”.  This is not true.  The way that George Osborne has behaved has gone way way too far, he was damaging the party and it could not be allowed to continue. mayosbohammondThe borrowing of the Chancellor has been grotesque as he gambled everything to meet his over optimistic targets, a gamble that failed. His attacks on tax credit cuts and the disabled broke the Tory pledge to support the working man and the needy.

In September last year, George announced to Dan Hodges that the Government was planning to knife Boris Johnson,   He told Dan he would “smash Boris to smithereens” , when he quit as Mayor.  This was announced with pride, as though we should admire such behaviour. Boris’s crime?  He delivered two Mayoralties, the first with the best results since 1992,  was a massive help in GE15 , and set the plan for economic recovery, which Osbo took credit for.  Naturally, he had to be “taken out”.

Osbo was “the big winner” said Dan, and we are on the brink of the “Osborne ascendancy!”  The appalling way Lord Ashcroft was treated was presented as a matter for celebration.

The EU Referendum pushed Osbo to even wilder excesses of behaviour.  The smears on Boris Johnson were frightful.  When Leave triumphed, Osbo didn’t stop there. It was time for another monster scam.   A vicious assault on the markets by Remain, backed up by the TV channels, did actually make the markets fall and hurt the pound. That justified Planet Fear.

The heartless way Osbo treated the black cab trade, who have loyally served London since the days of Cromwell was another blot on his record.  Travis Kalanick’s Uber are being blatantly favoured because of Osbo’s friendship with the Uber boss.  Rapes and assaults on women have soared, but Osbo’s only reaction was “Don’t tell the public, they will stop using minicabs.” The tactic of flooding London with Uber cabs was clearly designed to force black cabs of the road.

The treachery of Michael Gove towards his friend of thirty years, Boris Johnson, needs no further explanation.  Is this really how high ranking Tory ministers should behave?  Only if you’re a Goodfella!  The way Osbo and Gove carried on would not have disgraced Mafia hoods.

That is why I believe the firm behaviour of Theresa May in making it clear Osborne and Gove were sacked was not vindictiveness, it was justice.  They and others with them, Nick Boles, Anna Soubry, Oliver Letwin, Nicky Morgan, have seriously damaged the Tory Party.  Just how badly do you have to behave in the Tory Party these days to be sacked? Mrs. May obviously has the answer to that question, and I pray that the Tories never sink so low again.

2 responses to “The way that PM May sacked George Osborne was justice

  1. Maybe Mrs May will restore the Tories, i wait to see what she brings with a degree of hope

    • I have a huge amount of hope, great step forward, EU is in trouble, and it is not
      good for us to be controlled. I dont like how they kill off democracy and rights of
      ordinary people.

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