David Davis upbeat and keen to get Brexit ball rolling

Ex-SAS man David Davis, the new Brexit Secretary was hugely upbeat as he said “Britain will be in a position to trigger the official process to leave the European Union “before or by the start of next year”,  daviddavis3David Davis called for a “brisk but measured” approach to Brexit and the triggering of Article 50 to leave the EU before or in early 2017.  Nicola Sturgeon hopefully will hop on board after talks with PM May.  Scotland is having financial problems,  which are likely to rule out another Indy Ref.

Mr Davis said the Government means to begin negotiations with the aim of striking trade deals with non-EU countries such as the United States and China within two years.

This would give Britain a free trade area “almost twice the size of the EU” before the negotiation with the European bloc is complete, he said.

Remainer ex-cabinet minister Oliver Letwin, who was due to head the Government’s Brexit unit, warned that the UK does not have its own trade negotiators because they are all working for the EU. But Mr Davis is confident Britain would be able to put in place new trade agreements to come into force at the point of exit from the EU having been fully negotiated beforehand.

Writing in The Sun, he said: “I expect the new Prime Minister to trigger a round of global trade deals with all our most favoured partners – and the negotiation of most within between 12 and 24 months.

Boris Johnson was being briefed late into last night and was at his desk at 7.30 am. in the FO, calming the situation re. the attempted coup in Turkey. The Turkish Prime Minister said he was grateful to our Foreign Secretary for his support. Boris was the major factor in restoring Britis Law, democracy and the rights of ordinary people.   We can never thank him enough for that.

This is a turning point in British history and PM May has made a brilliant start. Every day another world event proves how right we were to back Brexit.   Anyone who loves this country needs to get behind all our leaders, giving them as much support as possible.

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