Justice is done – Boris is Foreign Secretary

A thunderbolt has ripped the political scene asunder! The new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has stamped her kitten heels with a vengeance! Philip Hammond is Chancellor, three major Brexiteers are in key jobs and, WOW, Boris is Foreign Secretary!borisvictoryDavid Davis, long absent  from the front bench, is deservedly back as the Secretary for Brexit.  Liam Fox heads a new department for International Trade, and  brilliant, mercurial, ultra talented Boris Johnson, is back in the most glamorous job of all, Foreign Secretary.

Boris has had a torrid time these last few months, and he has coped with dignity.  The most vicious smear campaigns have been aimed at him non-stop.  Once Michael Gove stabbed him in the front just as he was about to become PM, he was fair game for appalling ridicule, but Boris is  tough. He shrugged it off apparently unscathed.borisoffice2Boris is highly intelligent, fair minded and devoid of malice. He will be a super salesman for Britain because he means every word.  He already has an enviable reputation abroad,  particularly in the States, Germany and China, where he is mobbed.  He is lionised in France, not least for his ability to effortlessly spout fluent French and dazzle them with his intimate knowledge of French medieval poets.

Boris made an outstanding effort and restored British Law, democracy and the rights of ordinary people to hold our lawmakers to account back to the British people.  This is his reward.  For once in politics, scene of so many back stabbings and heart breaking failures, justice has been done.  An American commentator said on SKY, Boris is for the most part viewed warmly by Conservatives in the States. His exceptional communication skills. charm and liberal fairmindedness will make him an outstanding Foreign Secretary and public servant.

Theresa May has made a great start.  She has shown the wisdom of Soloman.  She has rocked the political scene back on its heels, and totally changed the political landscape.  George and Gove have been sacked! And the British people must be reassured that when she said Brexit is Brexit, she definitely meant what she said.

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