Why it’s Osbo as Foreign Secretary who would have been a sick joke

When Remainers manically attacked Brexit,  George Osborne was in the forefront and it was clear he would stop at nothing to undermine Brexit.  The discredited Osbo demeaned his office in the virulence of his attacks on Leave through Planet Fear.  No attack, including frightening pensioners, was deemed too low, and he leant on Mark Carney and the  IMF, ignoring the negative effect on this country, in his desperation to undermine and wreck Brexit and its leaders.osbobrexitThe smears on Boris Johnson were frightful.  When Leave triumphed, Osbo didn’t stop there. It was time for another monster scam.   A vicious assault on the markets by Remain, backed up by the TV channels, did actually make the markets fall and hurt the pound. That justified Planet Fear.

A respected market analyst said  “We are seeing the results of the apocalyptic hysteria whipped up by the Establishment.”

So the rumour that Theresa May might be considering a job swap between Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, and Osborne, an incompetent Chancellor, who has hardly met a target, and whose recent Budget in March imploded within days is greeted not only with complete shock by Leavers, but pure stark horror.  If Brexiteers had to pick a name they would most loathe and fear to negotiate Brexit, it would be George Osborne’s.

Instead of “healing the Party wounds” as she has promised, Theresa May would be tearing them open with a hacksaw.  Most people are stunned Osbo is still in office, let alone angling for another plum job.

If Theresa May wishes to be praised as a uniter and extolled for her political smarts, she will let George retire to the back benches.  Making him Foreign Secretary would be suicide for her government,  And a disaster for Brexit.  The May government would be doomed before it started and trigger off more vicious party warfare.

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