Why are TV channels not reporting the trade deals flooding in for Brexit?

It is reported that so many trade deal offers are flooding in re. Brexit that UK ministers can’t keep up!  But SKY, the BBC ad ITV all stay stubbornly silent on the subject.

Boris's initiative achieved these trade opportunities, with Farage, Leadsom and Stuart

Boris’s initiative achieved these trade opportunities, with Farage, Leadsom and Stuart

The Express reports:  “SOUTH KOREA has joined the race to tie-up a major free trade deal with the UK in the wake of its exit from the European Union. The Asian nation – the 11th richest country in the world – has launched a push for new ties with the UK as soon as the country has exited the EU, according to the national broadcaster KBS.

This week the Government announced plans to put together a team of up to 300 specialist staff, including trade negotiators, by the end of the year, to manage new trade arrangements. New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the US are also keen, as is the World Trade Organisation.

The director of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce Alan Thompson said he expects trade links between Russia and the UK to be strengthened with a new deal.”   Why are our TV channels not broadcasting such positive news?  Could it be that like some newspapers, they prefer to talk down this country, so they can keep saying what a disaster Brexit is?  After all, they will miss those lavish EU kickbacks, and when did the good of the nation ever take priority over filthy lucre?georgekoreaToxic George Osborne is heading to the US, eager, no doubt to grab the credit.  But never forget, people of Britain, it was the brave Brexiteers and nobody else who fought for freedom, British law, the rights of ordinary people and our right to pioneer new trading links with the world!  Boris Johnson, Andrea Leadsom, Nigel Farage and Gisela Stuart are the people we should be thanking for these new trade opportunities, NOT George Osborne.

111 responses to “Why are TV channels not reporting the trade deals flooding in for Brexit?

  1. The Establishment are keeping the media quiet on this issue because they want to stall the LEAVE process!

  2. It’s just to line there pockets before we leave we need to be out now trade with the ones who want to trade with us make Britain Great again

    • Great to hear your positive attitude Edith, we will show them.

    • I have no idea how old you are, but I’m 54 and don’t remember a period in my lifetime when Britain could be considered “Great”. I find it arrogant, considering our history, that anyone believes Britain was ever “Great”.

      • We were great winning two World Wars!

      • Martin John

        I feel sorry for you, where do you live? Bradford! If so I understand your biased opinion 🙂

      • Probably that’s because like me have not experienced being out EU. EU is a dangerous agenda definitely not designed for the working class people.

      • What about the Falkland Islands. What about the 2012 Olympics? are you a PREL?

      • ian simpson

        The UK has and always will be a gt nation, now we have the opportunity to once again be what we are good at, helping others and looking after our gt people. British.

      • Clearly you don’t in your 54 years know much about history and you should also know at 54 that we survived very well before Europe and will do again we do have many very clever ppl in this country as we have had for over 1000 years

      • Stephen Humphrey

        Maybe you should try and find out which part of Britain is great Britain
        The main British island you know the big one with the countries is Scotland Wales and England on that’s great Britain
        It’s so called because it is the largest single island of Britain

        But as for when Britain was great well that would be from Elizabeth the first to 1945 when after winning the second world war Britain was in fact all but bankrupt due to the war loans from America from both world wars which we finally paid up about 5 years ago
        Now with out the eu demanding we shore up Ireland or Greece or Spain or France etc we will finally be able yo trade with who we want not who the EU tells us we can trade with

        We can be great again but never the country that ruled a quarter of the world but then do we really want that

        If Paul kavanagh you can’t remember when your only two years older than me then maybe your can’t remember your history lessons from school

  3. Andrew John Maynard

    Blimey and so it goes on. Remainers are told to suck it up and move on yet the brexit propaganda machine continues with its bullshit unabated, just in case people do open their eyes and actually figure out the almighty con trick they’ve just become victim of. The EU has had a bilateral treaty with South Korea since 2011, so all we’re doing there is playing catch up there. How much money will be wasted just reproducing agreements we already had? The EU has more free trade agreements than any major economic grouping – for example it has more FTAs in South America than the US does. The Express is the source of some of this article – basically UKIP’s mouthpiece, owned by UKIP’s largest donor and all that. Just last week they were printing similar stuff with a list of countries headed by Iceland that are rushing to do deals with us. Yeah, like that turned out well last time with the cod wars of the 50s, 60s and 70s where we lost 200 nautical miles of fishing waters. It was that sort of thing that led us to join the Common Market in the first place.

    • The Free Trade Agreements described in the article will not be the same as previously. They will be with the UK alone, negotiated by Britain not the EU. The terms will obviously be different to those negotiated by the EU on our behalf, obviously more favourable, since we are acting for ourselves. That is not playing catchup.

      New deals with the US, the Commonwealth are a coup. We are used to Remainers sneering at any benefit from the EU. The EU is on the brink of collapse, ditto the euro. History will prove how right we were to leave, just as we were proved right over the euro.

      Your reply ludicrous, there is a world of difference between deals arranged for us by the EU, as though we were children, and deals we fix for ourselves.

      • Are you fixing these deals yourself then are you? They will still be arranged for you “as if you were a child” so there isn’t really “a world of difference there”. Very sensational terms, and an article which is not sensational at all. Of course we have trade deals being offered. Do you think anybody expected differently? Even the heartiest pro remainers would not be shocked by this news. That is why it isn’t in the news, because it’s barely news at all.

      • Angelstar and I quote you! “Your reply ludicrous, there is a world of difference between deals arranged for us by the EU, as though we were children, and deals we fix for ourselves.”
        With what bargaining chip are you playing with? All these “Deals” come as tit for tat, so what are you bargaining with…… what does the UK offer to all the other countries that the EU cant??? What makes the UK so attractive???? Not much form here……

      • What we are bargaining with is they need us more than we need them. FACT. Check it out.

      • An FTA is an FTA no matter who organises it for us.
        So we already have more than anyone else!

      • You speak about these deals as though the UK isn’t a part of the EU and wasn’t party to negotiating these deals with a view to getting the best we could for ourselves out of them. But we are, we were and we did.

        The EU and the UK weren’t two totally divorced entities that operated in completely separate space. A large part of the EU remains (for now) and has been for 40 years the UK. We had as much say in all of this as the other major partners. The people negotiating the deals then will be some of the same people renegotiating them now as an individual UK. You’ll have no more control over the outcome of these negotiations than you had previously and because they’re not elected representatives, but appointed civil servants, you’ll never be able to ‘vote them out’ if you don’t like what they do. This is just how the establishment and the bureacracy works. The fact that the UK has 4 times as many of them as the EU should give you some idea as to how much democratic control you, as an individual subject of her Maj’s government get, even in an independent UK.

        I’m so happy for you – you managed to take back control. Now Britain can be Great again and other vague inspiring nonsensical soundbite boIIocks.

      • World trade was negotiated FOR us by the EU. When Article 50 invoked, Boris Johnson and David Davis believe as we can negotiate our own deals, we can do much better. We want control of our own destiny, no more EU interference. Every day, a new tragedy or disaster proves how right we are to leave.

      • What makes you think that a trade deal between the UK and Korea will have better terms than between the EU and Korea?

      • Because it is always better to have control of your own affairs. The EU need us as a cash cow and that’s all. They do not have our interests at heart, only want us to prop up the euro.

    • Your an idiot 200 miles of fishing waters is nothing we lost them all to eu rule or did you forget that and trade deals are good you lost get over it it’s worth making our own deals so we don’t have to bow down to the eu and their corruption but people like you only care about money what about the lives of so many that have suffered because of eu laws and interference what about the millions who died to stop foreign organisations taking over government of this country all means nothing to a pig headed I’m right your wrong idiot that can’t accept that the end of the world didn’t come because people didn’t agree with you stop acting like a two year old and move on or fuck off if don’t like it not like anyone is stopping you leaving the UK feel free less tossers like you can only be good

    • Dave Faulkner

      The Eu may have more trade agreements but if they were worth more than the paper they are written on then the EU’s share of world trade wouldn’t have dropped by 50% ( since we joined in 72).
      As for losing the 200 mile limit. The reason there was a 200 mile limit in the first place is because we fought for it ( (physically, try wrestling with ships of up to 2500 tons each. It’s not quite warfare but it’s close, very dangerous and it all took place amid waves up to 80 feet high, luckily, no one was killed although a number of participants – ships – only just made it home afloat.) We LOST those limits when we joined the EU or ECC as it was then, opening up our fishing grounds to ALL EU fishing fleets, which decimated the UK’s fishing industry.
      So how was that meant to be good for the UK?

      • lol the British fishing grounds are not open to all EU fishing fleets in fact the EU and fisheries commission may have saved our fishing industry. The fish stocks were dwindling in our waters and as our reps were doing nothing (Nigel Farage for example made it to 2 of 46 meetings and nothing over 2011-2013) a British celeb chef contacted the fisheries and as a result we have sustainable fishing in our waters (which may be reviewed again in 2017 or 2020 without it our fish stocks would have ran out.

      • “Your an idiot”. Brilliant.

      • David Bruce

        You write as though EU world trade has decreased. In fact EU world trade has grown considerably. The drop in the share of world trade is a simple reflection of the enormous growth in previously under developed countries economies – eg China India Brazil etc

    • There’s always one….. Keep up, read up, or shut up!

    • You’re even so myopic you cant see the strange claims in your own response. You eve say the deal was set up with the EU…no one is questioning that. It is simply being offered the deals can be issued direct instead of having to be sifted through the coffers of the EU prior to landing on our shores. Then again, we have had to listen to this type of stupidity from the offset, so I cant say I’m surprised.

    • i voted leave and dam proud of it to cut it short no financial or political argument would make me vote against our nations democracy sovereignty and Independence.

      • I so agree with you! Democracy, British Law, our sovereignty, the rights of ordinary people to vote out our law makers,
        these things are so precious. When Leave won, I cried with happiness. No wonder Boris was made Foreign Secretary,
        he battled for these things for us.

    • Ur opinion really isn’t relevant enough for anyone to bother reading a damn essay lol

    • So you prefer big brother to tell you how you should brush your teeth, you have no mind of your own and no practical skills.

    • if the EU was doing such a stella job than how come it had such poor economic growth?

      • They weren’t. Our trade with them was decreasing, the eurozone is in big trouble.

  4. Don’t forget the EU;s part in the silence. What’s happened to the refugee crisis too? Has it ended, is everybody now settled?

  5. Cant we make the BBC report on this?
    I complained 2 weeks ago regarding their toxic reporting. Someone should be held accountable.

  6. Cant we make the BBC report on this?
    I complained two weeks ago regarding their toxic reporting. Someone should be held accountable.

    • BBC also misreporting details of what happened to Boris johnson They are saying “He stood down””! He had no choice, Gove removed his first round support, couldnt get thrugh, HAD to resign. I have tried by going to OFCOM over SKY, you get nowhere. We have to accept TV channels grossly biased because they ALL get huge funding from EU. So they don’t careabut democracy, or Britisn law, only the

      Faisal Islam blatantly lies about Boris. When I give him the facts, he just sneers and does it more. They are all completely corrupt, arrogant pricks, except Andrew Neil. Big Brother is in full flow.

  7. Jaime La Murique Ent


  8. George Osborne is a leach, he imposed welfare cuts taking what little money the sick disabled and pensioners have and give it to the rich as a form of tax relief, between Osborn and Ian Duncan smith are both responsible for the deaths of the poor people who had there benefits taken from them and were classed as fit for work the not long after died, that is what the should be remembered for, the police should now arrest them and investigate why they died, also because they imposed these sanctions they should be changed with murder, they also should face a judge and jury to decide whether they should face a prison sentence for the deaths of these poor people, they should also pay compensation to there families, why do these politicians think there above the law unlike the rest of us.

    • Got well over 25,OOO ppl reading it – obviously struck a nerve. I think ppl are worried
      about Brexit.

  9. ha ha its all fucked up the world over, the human race is coming to its close….

  10. I’m not worried about brexit I love it cant wait to be rid of the eu

  11. loving brexit cant wait

  12. I and many more people in Britain are not political animals but you only need common sense to see what has happened to our country since EU.
    NHS down the pan, Coal industry down the pan, Steel industry down the pan etc, etc, etc, The British people have spoken, let’s do our damdest to retrieve all that we have lost over the years and support the majority!

    • So the demise of UK industry was caused by the EU?! I’d looking up “correlation v causation” if I were you, Jan.

    • don't trust the press or the politicians...

      All the above caused by UK government – not EU…
      72% of the electorate have spoken – 36% wanted out…. I am no math genious but that doesn’t make it a majority opinion.


  13. D H Grahame Coles

    What a load of bullshit

  14. lol I suspect Boris as foreign secretary is just to keep Rupert Murdochs money going to the Tories. I would love to hear about these trade deals coming in and from whom as unless we actually have proof from those involved I wouldn’t believe it. We have had so many lies over this whole campaign from both sides I question everything which has no evidence.

  15. Nigel – ex banker, Andrea ex banker, Boris from Eton. And I’m sure Nigel is still enjoying his 6 figure European salary. Couldn’t agree more these people are truly in touch with ordinary people. Perhaps we should leave all the ordinary people who were so brave to sort out this mess.

    • Theresa May a Grammar school girl. Boris Johnson’s childhood, very painful, no gilded easy ride. Boris did not have a wealthy childhood, fought for everything, mother sick for years, dad left when he was eleven, he knows what it is like to suffer. Nobody connects with people more than Boris.

  16. The fear factor continues by a few the bbc is the government voice sky a big fish they will not be allowed to report on our achievements do they ever report on the riots rapes etc in France and Germany some still ongoing NO all hush hush time for our independence and independent reports Ho Ho Ho

    • SKY and BBC desperately keen for Brexit to go wrong, because they want to hang on to EU kickbacks, so don’t expect honest reporting any time soon.

  17. When you are a journalist, you have to be controversial. All quite different now.

  18. It’s just the same the press and members of the EU never reported all the migrant problems across the EU. When riots were going on in France and Germany no reports anywhere Why because it’s not good for the remainers or for The EU Countries to broadcast turmoil within its borders.

  19. Christine Demaine

    Where we tread the EU will follow and beat us to lucrative deals. So let’s just learn to maintain our silence in our own interests.

  20. British Press is Horrendous

    The reason it is not being reported is that Britain cannot negotiate any trade deals until it has left the EU and even then it cannot negotiate any trade deals until it establishes whether it wants to stay in the common market or not as this will have an impact on how it operates going forward. So of course countries like S.Korea are declaring intentions because they sell alot of stuff to Britain but unfortunately it is not news until they are able to make negotiations which wont happen until they actually leave. Dont forget that it can also take years to negotiate a deal so its still a potential 5 plus years before anything comes to fruition. Also remember the UK is a net importer of goods. This means they buy more than they sell so countries who once traded with the UK through the EU will obviously not want to loose that trade however the while they need us more than we need them is a misrepresentation. They have more to offer then the UK. Countries like Ghana are desperate for a deal because they produce cheap food through an agricultural system that is worked by low cost labour. They cant afford to buy an aweful lot from Britain but they can destroy British farming with cheap goods. Same with icelandic fisheries, US crops such as wheat and corn are all grown on massive scales. Free trade deals with many of these countries could end British agriculture. Oh and a rather reduculous point in the article where it says the world trade organisation is lining up for a deal with the UK???? The world trade organisation doesnt make deals it governs those who have no deals by laying out minimum acceptible standards. However this was a pretty poor peice of journalism so not really surprised that the grade schooler who wrote it did know the basic of world trade…

    • Why should negotiating trade deals take as long as five years? Simply do not believe this.

      • The problem is laid out fairly clearly in this comment. Trade deals have a tendency to reduce wages to the lowest common denominator. Trade is good but free trade deals done carelessly make local people poorer. If we want to try and compete in terms of wages with Ghana and South Korea, then an independent deal may well do that. But do we want to be paid the same as someone in Africa? We’ve already seen manufacturing industry move to China and India and the service industries like call-centres are also on the way out. Be careful what you wish for, angelnstar.

  21. The UK voted now the UK should move on united BMW Renault Citroen e d f Peugeot man trucks Mercedes trucks and many more will still need us EU tariffs possible won’t be imposed as Nissan Hyundai Kia mazda and many are just around the corner and more reliable

  22. They want trade deals for themselves to export and use Britain as a trading post.get real,everything that was good in British manufacturing has been given away to foreign countries due to the short sited Tories.we have nothing they need or require because they already possess it.

    • I think you will find you are wrong, but you obviously are only happy talking down Britain, think we have nothing to offer. You are wrong.

      • Nope, he’s spot on. Manufacturing has been largely shifted offshore. Even Dyson, that great champion of Brexit, shifted his manufacturing to Malaysia to save on labour and component costs.

        The components for anything we might manufacture are made in the far east, and labour is cheaper there. It’s just sensible business planning to set up manufacturing out there. Brexit will help to make that much easier.

        I’m so glad we have a dogmatic free-market Tory government helping to make sure we get the best deals possible for UK workers… er… dammit!

  23. bullshit… the US has stated the UK goes to the back of the queue regarding trade deals. good luck with south Korea and canada, compared to germany, france , italy spain… where do those counties economically rank? oh wait 3rd, 6th and 8th and 10th… doh

    • In the House of Representatives, Obama was chided by senators for saying “back of the queue” senators insisted Britain will go to the front of the queue.

    • German and Dutch companies will go bust if we don’t trade with them, suggest you check and stop talking this country down.

    • Martin Cleverley

      You may want to listen to the speech Barack made the day or so after the vote, “our special relationship will not change” and he never replied to my tweet asking him about this queue we’re in…the plank 🙂

      • Obama ticked off because he pulled out all the stops to terrorise the Br.people and it didn’t work, he looked like a tit!

  24. Marcus Higgins

    Why aren’t the tv channels reporting on all the EU riots and unrest. France Germany and many others. I thought the BBC was impartial. This again brings the licence fee into question.

  25. Guess where the next wave of immigrants are gonna be coming from, leavers. Enjoy seeing your grand children learn chinese!

  26. He not only robbed the hard working people of years of pensions for which most worked all their life but has the nerve to take credit for something he didn’t want or even support. All I can say is glad he got sacked, I bet he didn’t join the unemployed que like the people he put in that position. Goodby Goerge Osbourne and I don’t wish you good luck just good riddons

    • George is not a good person. Boris helped him a lot with the economy,then he took credit and stamped on Boris. George only got O Level maths, before Boris he was using Rupert someone,to do his job.

  27. Maggie Edmonston

    I see shades of George Orwells Animal farm here. I suggest you all read it, its only 94 pages long….you will see what happens in the book is happening now and maybe not a fable after all!

  28. michael hobday

    If we know this can we not have boris etc standing on a soap box in a park talking about it….cant see the news people being able to ignore that

  29. In my experience it was the insanely pro-Brexit nature of the media that fooled the people into voting for a recession.
    As for these ‘new trade deals’, what kind of idiot was expecting anything different, we’re the 5th largest economy in the world, sorry, 6th largest since 24th June, all countries are going to want trade deals with us. Especially as they can make them so much favourable to them then they could when we were in the EU.

    • What TV channels were you watching? They were solidly for REMAIN. (EU kickbacks).
      You are quite a ray of sunshine, and clearly your belief in Britain impressive, if you believe the EU can make better deals for us than we can for ourselves.
      What comes over strongest is your contempt for the value of democracy, British Law and the rights of ord. people. Impressive.

      • Democracy?! Democracy is only of value with an educated population. And when the Brexit campaign incessantly used blatant lies without being held in contempt by the media then democracy is useless.
        You REALLY believe that we can make better trade deals when:
        We have no negotiating team, (they’re bringing in retired civil servants in a desperate attempt to cobble something together)
        We are under massive pressure to agree deals when the other parties are under no pressure
        We are negotiating with dozens of countries at once where they are negotiating with one
        We have a guy in charge, David Davis, who doesn’t even grasp that Germany is in the EU!

        We have NOTHING! And we are going to be screwed over.

      • What a dreadful snobbish remark. Although many people haven’t gone to university, that certainly doesn’t mean they are stupid. I have found that many people described as working class have an innate common sense and street smarts lacking in intellectuals.

        Because of home circumstances, I haven’t had much formal education myself, but studied, am widely read and certainly don’t think I am unfit to vote. I could not disagree with you more strongly.

        There were far more lies from REMAIN than from LEAVE. Polling showed 41% to 28%. (YouGov) For example the EU frequently demand huge lump sums. These have to be factored into the monthly payment, two weeks ago they wanted a further 12 billion, so the figure on the bus is likely to be too low.

        You clearly place no importance on the fact we lost our democracy, supremacy of British Law and the rights of ordinary people to the EU. These things will be returned to us. “Ordinary” people including me know how precious and vital these things are. Maybe you and your ilk are the stupid ones.

  30. Enough already .Opinions and comments are all respected but enough is enough stop talking about the negative impact things will or will not have. It is what it is.i don’t know about anyone else but it’s quite draining seeing people put our country down all the time, and for this allot of blame lies with the media and the government.yes bad news sells and is apparently more interesting we all know that’s a fact.the government paint a picture of doom and gloom and then from time to time give us glimmers of hope with one or too things that they apparently bend over backwards saying they have done for the good of the country. Anyway what I’m trying to say is yes there is differences of opinion and yes we will never sort everything but let’s at least try together to make a difference got the good of our country for our family friend and the future.there is so many people doing fantastically amazing things to make a difference and I’m not talking about politicians I’m talking about us.lets start talking about all the great things that people do and have done.how the Nhs is amazing , our armed forces keep us safe, the emergency services do a fantastic job, the schools created wonderful education and opportunities for our children, air ambulance , mountain rescue,medical reserch science, construction, environmentalists the list goes on and on.i thinks sometimes we all get dragged in by the negative vibes around the country through no fault of our own. Ignore it if you can can focus on all the good things that this county provides us with. And if we can lets do if we are not already doing it ,help someone less fortunate than us even if it’s just helping someone across the road or holding a door open or just asking if someone’s ok.be kind and have courage.were ever you are and whatever your doing. Good luck with whatever decision your make to shape your future😃

  31. I thought Osborne was kicked out.why is be taking the glory

    • Osbo was fired by Theresa May, but previously he nicked the glory for all the advice on the
      economy Boris helped him with, then said he was going to knife him. Disgraceful behaviour for
      a Chancellor.

  32. Show me the money ….SHOW ME THE MONEY !!

  33. This is what I have been saying to my hubby for a while. The Government never say’s anything nice about this country and I get real peeved about it.that is why people say the British (English ) are miserable. The sooner Treaty 50 is done and finished with, we can start and make it Great again and put a smile on everyones face.

    Instead of selling everything off lets take everything back.
    Another thing we need to do is, start training our young one’s, giving them apprenticeships back. That was a big mistake, cannot understand why that stopped, we have very few Trades men/women in this country, thats why we have to fetch them in from EU.

    Big mistake that was, was it the EU that did that! told us to get kids out of school and into work. all I want is our Country back, Boarder’s in place, stop migrants coming in till we sort out what we want, not what EU say we have to do. We are a small Ireland, not like France and Germany and many more countries, vast amounts of land.

    It is time our government set out a plan and stood to it.
    1) Any immigrant coming to this country mast have enough money to support them selves and any family member that comes with them for five yrs.
    2) no bringing in mother, grand mother etc.
    3) They must also have job to come to.
    4) They must not have a criminal record.
    5) They must have Health Insurance.
    6) They must not try to claim any benefits for five yrs, until they have full five yrs Tax and stamp paid.
    7) They must Sign some kind of agreement to respect our Queen, Country, Police, Armed Forces and abide by our Laws.

    • Pauline I so agree with you. I am a strong Boris supporter and he always sees the the good in everyone. He is ot malicious, but is kindly and positive. He thinks this country is fantastic. You are so right and sensible. Great to read such positive views, with sensible suggestions.

  34. Reblogged this on The Thoughts Of Mr Bloggy and commented:
    Just why is it that British television stations are keeping quiet about trade deals flooding in? It couldn’t be because they are being manipulated by Cameron and his cronies, could it? Or is it just because trade deals coming in are not headline news, whereas disasters are? Come on press – get your act together.

    • All TV channels biased to Brexit because they get kickbacks from the EU. Money before country, it was a huge obstacle to be overcome during the EU Ref. campaign and proves what a superhuman effort Boris and the Brexiteers made to win.

  35. Firstly we can’t negotiate any trade deals until leave the EU. Secondly some of these “new” trade deals will replace the existing trade deals we have ie. Canada and South Korea.

    • Yes, but the existing deals we have, were negotiated by the EU. Boris say we can do much better. Dominic Raab said on #BBCDP we can arrange new deals to go through the day ARticle 50 is signed.

      Why is there a faction in this country who is determined to talk down this country, slapping off every good thing that happens?

      We will have British Law back! Our democracy back! and the rights of ordinary people to vote out on our lawmakers. These are precious things, worth everything we are going through.

    • Yes, but the existing deals we have, were negotiated by the EU. Boris say we can do much better. Dominic Raab said on #BBCDP we can arrange new deals to go through the day ARticle 50 is signed.

      Why is there a faction in this country who is determined to talk down this country, slapping off every good thing that happens?

      We will have British Law back! Our democracy back! and the rights of ordinary people to vote out on our lawmakers. These are precious things, worth everything we are going through.

  36. The political ignorance of the lead article here is staggering. Trade deals cannot ‘pour in’ at this stage. Other countries can only flag up their wish to talk once Brexit is complete. Even Norway has made that very clear, and raised warnings about a successful outcome being taken for granted. The equally revealing point is that people disagreeing with comments like mine will only be met with abuse, rather than well-argued, evidence-based responses.

    • Am very hopeful that it will all work out brilliantly and a golden future awaits us. New government has started extremely well. Agree we can’t predict the future but life under Remain our rights gone, could only get worse.

  37. Government wish to keep the fear factor going in the hope they can continue as eu is Mrs may please NO stitch up get on and police our borders get on with our world trade not a dead end EU inform Junkers and his unelected cronies in their dictatorship it’s the UK a democracy to be once again when the final hurdle is overcome Get a move on !!!

    • Maybe I’m naive, but I don’t believe Mrs. May will stitch us up. She is too intelligent for that. In time it will be clear what a hugely brave thing the people of this country did voting for freedom and Brexit.

  38. I sincerely hope you are right BUT why is Article 50 not started straight away ???

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  40. This article seems a bit short of detail. It’s OK to say there are people queueing up, but if you want credibility you need to name them. Otherwise people will think you’re just making it up.

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